Amona Buechler

Amona Buechler is the owner of She believes in providing quality massage tables and massage supplies for affordable prices to her customers. She strives to provide beauty, joy, green living, awareness, and much more in her business as well as personal life.

Amona was born in Germany, but since 1999 has been spending most of her time in Chicago after she and Jeffrey Tippman started BestMassage. When living in Germany she studied carpentry where she learned how to construct wooden massage tables. Soon after, in Rome, she completed a four-year training course in Feldenkrais, a movement awareness and healing modality, where she became a certified Feldenkrais instructor. Amona believes her carpentry and Feldenkrais experiences have played large roles in the creation and success of BestMassage.

In 2005 she assisted in the creation of the Inner Metamorphosis University (IMU), a meditation center in Chicago.  In addition to heading up BestMassage, she currently leads meditation and Feldenkrais events at the IMU as well as writes some of the blog entries at

She enjoys Lake Michigan, the surrounding parks, good restaurants, salsa clubs, meditation and much more.