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  • Instant Hot or Cold Compress

    Heat or Cold in an Instant!

    Retail Price: $6.90

    Special Price: $3.90

  • Healing Stone Massage

    Learn everything you need for your hot stone massage journey.

    Retail Price: $49.95

    Our Price: $49.49
  • Bottle Holster

    Easy, Hands-Free Access to Your Oils, Lotions, and Creams

    Retail Price: $9.90

    Our Price: $7.90
  • Tao plus BodyChoice Chair

    Features Ergonomic Headrest
    Features Ergonomic Face Pillow
    Features Adjustable Arm Rest
    Features 18" Wide Seat
    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Free Sternum Bolster
    Free Session Pouch

    Retail Price: $249.00

    Special Price: $169.00

  • The Complete Book of Traditional Reiki

    Comprehensive Manual for Beginners and Experienced

    Retail Price: $19.95

    Our Price: $15.95
  • Starter Compress Ball Package

    Rejuvenating, Energizing, or Relaxing

    Retail Price: $44.85

    Special Price: $19.90
  • Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice Massage Table

    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Ergonomic Headrest
    Free Standard Traveler Carrying Case
    Free Ergonomic Memory Foam Face Pillow
    Features Memory Foam & Reiki Panels
    Features Adjustable Backrest
    Features Built-In Face Port and Plug
    Features Shiatsu Cable Release Function

    Retail Price: $329.00

    Our Price: $259.00
  • Fleece Table and Pillow Cover Combo

    Clients Love to Snuggle Up to These Comfy Covers

    Retail Price: $29.90

    Special Price: $22.90
  • Acucups Cupping Massage DVD

    Techniques and Tips for Multifunctional Therapy

    Retail Price: $29.95

    Our Price: $29.49
  • BodyChoice 3-Pc Poly-Cotton Sheet Set

    Flat: 55" W x 79" L
    Fitted: 29.5" W x 71" L

    "Oval - Natural" - $17.90 $15.90

    Retail Price: $24.90

    Our Price: $17.90 Your Price: $15.90
  • Classic PowerLift - Cream

    Free Ergonomic Headrest
    Free Ergonomic Face Pillow with Memory Foam
    Free Hanging Arm Shelf

    Retail Price: $1,099.00

    Our Price: $849.00
  • UltraFlex PowerLift - Cream

    Free Ergonomic Headrest
    Free Ergonomic Face Pillow with Memory Foam
    Free Fully Adjustable, Removable Side Armrests
    Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Neck Bolster
    Features Adjustable Backrest
    Features Adjustable Leg Rest

    Retail Price: $1,499.00

    Our Price: $949.00
  • Eco-Basic BodyChoice Package - Black

    Free Adjustable Headrest
    Free Face Pillow
    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Free 3-pc Poly-Cotton Blend Sheet Set
    Free Standard Round Bolster

    Retail Price: $214.90

    Our Price: $139.00
  • Oval Deluxe BodyChoice Package

    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Ergonomic Headrest
    Free 3-pc Flannel Sheet Set
    Free Jumbo Half-Round Bolster
    Free Oval Deluxe Carrying Case
    Free Ergonomic Memory Foam Face Pillow
    Features Memory Foam
    Features Shiatsu Release Function
    Features Reiki Panels with Oval Design

    Retail Price: $370.00

    Our Price: $259.00
  • Principles of Reflexology 8 CEs


    Retail Price: $139.00

    Our Price: $134.00