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  • DIY-Massage Thai Tool Package

    Facial Roller, Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool, Back Scratcher, Thai Massage Stick, and Star Hand Massage Tool

    Retail Price: $75.65

    Special Price: $33.90
  • Body Back Massage Roller Ball

    Directional Ball Perfect for Use on Both Yourself or Your Clients

    Retail Price: $33.90

    Our Price: $16.95
  • Disposable Non-Woven Washcloths

    Experience the Convenience of Disposable Washcloths!

    Retail Price: $10.90

    Special Price: $4.49

  • Supreme Thai Massage Tool Package

    Thai Massage Stick, Facial Roller, Four-Point Massage Tool, Easy-Reach Self Massage Tool, Spider Massage Tool, Healing Thumb Massage Tool, Star Hand Massage Tool, and Back Scratcher

    Retail Price: $124.40

    Our Price: $46.00

    Cozy Liftback PowerLift

    Free Standard Adjustable Aluminum Face Cradle
    Free Ultra-Soft Deluxe Face Cushion
    Free Reinforced Arm Sling
    Free Removable, Flexible Side Armrests

    Retail Price: $1,290.00

    Special Price: $959.00

  • BodyChoice Saddle Massage Stool

    Ergonomic Design Promotes Healthy Posture

    Retail Price: $69.00

    Our Price: $59.00