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  • Bergamot Essential Oil

    Certified Organic

    Retail Price: $18.90

    Our Price: $6.90
  • Healing Stone Massage

    Learn everything you need for your hot stone massage journey.

    Retail Price: $49.95

    Our Price: $49.49
  • Tao Plus BodyChoice Chair

    Features Ergonomic Headrest
    Features Ergonomic Face Pillow
    Features Adjustable Arm Rest
    Features 18" Wide Seat
    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Free Sternum Bolster
    Free Session Pouch

    Retail Price: $249.00

    Special Price: $149.00

  • Basil Essential Oil

    Certified Organic

    .68 Ounce: $6.90 $3.90

    Retail Price: $7.90

    Special Price: $3.90

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

    Certified Organic or All Natural, 100% Pure

    Retail Price: $9.90

    Our Price: $4.90
  • Biotone Herbal Select Body Therapy Massage Oil

    Gel-Textured Oil with a Satiny Feel. Leaves No Greasy Residue.

    Our Price: $11.16
  • Feldenkrais BodyChoice Table

    Free 11" Table Extender
    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Features 33" Width
    Features Reiki Panels
    Features Extra Firm Foam
    Features Low Adjustable Heights (16"-24")

    Retail Price: $489.00

    Special Price: $299.00

  • Ultimate Relaxation Album

    Relax to the Max

    Retail Price: $15.99

    Our Price: $12.95
  • Mango Mandarin Bath Salts

    Luxuriate in a Citrusy Bath

    Retail Price: $7.95

    Special Price: $3.90

  • Vanilla Massage Salt

    Reveal Fresh, Vibrant Skin

    Retail Price: $7.95

    Our Price: $3.90
  • The Flow of Tranquility

    Relax into the Flow

    Retail Price: $14.95

    Our Price: $9.90
  • Simplicity BodyChoice

    Discounted Shipping Price!

    Free Multi-Adjustable Headrest
    Free Face Pillow
    Free Hanging Arm Shelf

    *In Store Special* $199

    Retail Price: $399.00

    Special Price: $229.90

  • Thai Hourglass-Shaped Pillow

    Beautiful Bolster for Neck and Lower Back Support.

    Retail Price: $32.00

    Our Price: $9.90
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    Learn 60 techniques to use on the face and body

    Retail Price: $49.95

    Our Price: $41.95
  • Bon Vital´ Body Silk – Pink Grapefruit

    Indulge skin in our lightly whipped luxurious body silk, a pink grapefruit scented finishing lotion packed with moisturizing ingredients for hydrated, smooth and beautiful skin.

    Retail Price: $18.99

    Our Price: $18.90
  • Bon Vital´ Organica Massage Cream

    Certified organic ingredients like Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil.

    Retail Price: $13.55

    Our Price: $13.45
  • Bon Vital´ Naturalé Massage Gel

    With natural botanical extracts of Sea Algae and Green Tea

    *In Store Special* 1 Gallon - $44.90

    Retail Price: $9.55

    Our Price: $9.45
  • Bon Vital´ Body Butter

    Blend of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Beeswax

    "1 Gallon" $69.90 $59.90

    Retail Price: $17.49

    Special Price: $14.49

  • Custom Craftworks Melody Chair

    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Free Eyeglass/Jewelry Pouch
    Features Multi-Layer Foam
    Features Adjustable Headrest
    Features Removable Sternum Pillow

    Retail Price: $259.00

    Special Price: $189.00

  • Custom Craftworks American Made 33" Wide Omni Massage Table

    Free Adjustable Headrest
    Free Custom Craftworks 36" Carrying Case
    Features Multi-Layer Foam
    Features Seven-Ply Reiki Panels
    USA Made

    Retail Price: $899.00

    Special Price: $599.00

  • Bon Vital Coconut Massage Oil

    100% Pure and Natural Fractionated Coconut Oil

    Retail Price: $13.55

    Our Price: $13.00
  • Custom Craftworks American Made Athena Pregnancy Massage Table

    Free Face Pillow
    Free Adjustable Headrest
    Free Deluxe Carrying Case
    Features Seven-Ply Reiki Panels
    Features Plugs for Hole and Recesses
    Features Shiatsu Cable Release Function
    Features Prenatal Hole and Breast Recesses
    USA Made

    Retail Price: $999.00

    Special Price: $759.00

  • Bon Vital Sweet Almond Massage Oil

    Midweight oil with a long shelf life

    Retail Price: $8.85

    Our Price: $8.49
  • Bon Vital Grape Seed Massage Oil

    Very lightweight texture

    Retail Price: $7.45

    Our Price: $6.90