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  • Tao Plus BodyChoice Chair

    Features Ergonomic Headrest
    Features Ergonomic Face Pillow
    Features Adjustable Arm Rest
    Features 18" Wide Seat
    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Free Sternum Bolster
    Free Session Pouch

    Retail Price: $249.00

    Special Price: $149.00

  • Therapeutic Massage Tool Set

    A Three-Piece, Money-Saving Package

    Retail Price: $55.85

    Special Price: $38.90
  • Scalp Massager - Gold

    Therapeutic Magnets Massage Pressure Points on Scalp

    Retail Price: $10.90

    Our Price: $7.90
  • Custom Craftworks Melody Chair

    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Free Eyeglass/Jewelry Pouch
    Features Multi-Layer Foam
    Features Adjustable Headrest
    Features Removable Sternum Pillow

    Retail Price: $259.00

    Special Price: $189.00

  • Luxe BodyChoice Chair

    Free Sternum Bolster
    Free Wheeled Carrying Case
    Free Eyeglass and Jewelry Pouch
    Features Face Pillow
    Features Adjustable Seat
    Features Adjustable Arm Rest
    Features Adjustable Headrest

    Retail Price: $279.00

    Special Price: $179.00

  • Standard Carrying Case Only - Tao Plus BodyChoice Portable Massage Chair

    Features Multiple Handles and Side Pocket

    Retail Price: $21.90

    Our Price: $18.90