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  • Lime Essential Oil

    All Natural, 100% Pure

    1.70 Ounce: $13.90 $3.90

    Retail Price: $5.90

    Our Price: $2.90
  • Rosemary, Spanish Essential Oil

    All Natural and 100% Pure

    Retail Price: $5.90

    Our Price: $3.90
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

    All Natural and 100% Pure

    Retail Price: $9.90

    Our Price: $6.90
  • Starter Compress Ball Package

    Rejuvenating, Energizing, or Relaxing

    Retail Price: $44.85

    Special Price: $19.90
  • Therapeutic Massage Tool Set

    A Three-Piece, Money-Saving Package

    Retail Price: $55.85

    Special Price: $38.90
  • Basil Essential Oil

    Certified Organic

    .68 Ounce: $6.90 $3.90

    Retail Price: $7.90

    Special Price: $3.90

  • Star Hand Massage Tool

    Strengthens Hand and Relaxes Hand Muscles

    Retail Price: $12.95

    Our Price: $4.90
  • Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool

    Compression Therapy for Hard-to-Reach Trigger Points

    Retail Price: $24.85

    Special Price: $5.90

  • Spider Massage Tool

    Great for Soft Tissue Massage

    Retail Price: $14.95

    Our Price: $9.90
  • Professional Thai Massage Tool Package

    Healing Thumb, 4-Point Massage Tool, Thai Massage Stick, Spider Massage Tool

    Retail Price: $47.75

    Our Price: $22.00
  • Supreme Thai Massage Tool Package

    Thai Massage Stick, Facial Roller, Four-Point Massage Tool, Easy-Reach Self Massage Tool, Spider Massage Tool, Healing Thumb Massage Tool, Star Hand Massage Tool, and Back Scratcher

    Retail Price: $124.40

    Our Price: $46.00