In Store Specials

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Take advantage of select offers we have for you when you visit our storefront in Chicago, Illinois. These in store specials only apply to products in our showroom, not online. Check back often as our inventory frequently changes.

  • Biotone Clear Results Massage Oil

    A Versatile Oil That Washes Cleanly Out of Sheets and Towels.

    *In Store Special* 1 Gallon - $50.95

    Our Price: $13.95
  • Biotone Herbal Select Body Therapy Massage Cream

    Rich, Thick Textured Massage Creme with a Smooth, Satiny Finish

    *In Store Special*
    "15 oz size" $26.75 $20.75
    "1 Gallon" $70.55 $59.90

    Our Price: $14.55
  • Biotone Cocoa-Comfort Massage Lotion

    Made From Real Cocoa Butter. Goes on Smooth without a Greasy Residue.

    *In Store Special* 1 Gallon - $50.95

    Our Price: $10.35
  • Bon Vital´ Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion

    Enriched with a moisturizing blend of oils and natural extracts to heal and alleviate pain

    *In Store Special* 1 Gallon - $37.00

    Retail Price: $9.55

    Our Price: $9.55
  • Bon Vital´ Naturalé Massage Gel

    Nourishing massage gel enriched with natural botanical extracts of Sea Algae and Green Tea to absorb like lotion with a lasting glide that leaves skin smooth. Great for all touch therapy modalities!

    *In Store Special* 1 Gallon - $44.90

    Retail Price: $9.55

    Our Price: $9.45
  • UltraFlex Deluxe PowerLift

    Free Ergonomic Headrest
    Free Ergonomic Face Pillow with Memory Foam
    Free Fully Adjustable, Removable Side Armrests
    Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Neck Bolster
    Features Adjustable Backrest
    Features Adjustable Leg Rest

    *In Store Special* Black - $1,199.00

    Retail Price: $1,799.00

    Our Price: $1,299.00
  • Thai Hourglass-Shaped Pillow

    Beautiful Bolster for Neck and Lower Back Support.

    *In Store Special* $5.49

    Retail Price: $32.00

    Our Price: $14.90 As low as: $9.90
  • Table Width Extensions

    An Ideal Place for Your Clients to Comfortably Rest Their Arms

    *In Store Special*
    All Colors

    Retail Price: $39.00

    Our Price: $29.00 As low as: $24.90
  • Hot Stone Warmer

    Ideal for Hot Stone Massage Therapy or Spa Treatments

    *In Store Special*
    Standard: $45.00

    Retail Price: $79.00

    Our Price: $54.90