Jeffrey Tippman

Jeffrey Tippman is co-owner of BestMassage. Coming from Germany to Chicago he and Amona Buechler founded BestMassage in 1999. With his passion for travels and his business capacities, Jeffrey has played a huge role in the international expansion and success of BestMassage which now has a presence all over the world.

When in Germany, Jeffrey lived and studied in the Universal and Multiversal Academy in Freiburg, a center for meditation and self-awareness, while running a landscaping business. This laid the groundwork for his interest in wellness and wellness-related products which came into play when he and Amona created BestMassage.

In addition to running BestMassage’s international operations, Jeffrey also leads some events at the Inner Metamorphosis University (IMU). He enjoys gardening and has won several awards for his garden designs in France and Germany. Jeffrey also takes pleasure in  organic dining, dancing, hiking, skiing, traveling, and taking swims in Lake Michigan—even in winter.