Sheets and Covers

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Protect your valuable table from stains and residue with our wide inventory of sheets and pillow covers. Choose from our selection of oil resistant, soft 100% cotton, durable poly-blend, conveniently disposable or snuggly fleece sheets and covers. Many of our sheets and covers come in a variety of colors to match your table and décor.

  • BodyChoice Poly-Cotton Flat/Top Sheets

    Smooth and Cool
    45% cotton, 55% polyester
    Dimensions: 79”L x 54”W

    "Natural" $11.90 $7.90

    Retail Price: $15.90

    Special Price: $7.90

  • BodyChoice Flannel Flat Top Sheet

    100% Pure, High-Quality Brushed Cotton
    Dimensions: 79"L x 53"W

    Retail Price: $15.95

    Our Price: $13.90
  • Warming Pads

    No More Freezing Massage Tables
    Standard Dimensions: 70"L x  31.5"W
    Fleece Dimensions: 69"L x 31"W

    Retail Price: $59.95

    Our Price: $29.00
  • BodyChoice Table Length Fleece Blanket

    Keep Your Client Warm and Comfortable With Our Plush Durable Fleece Blanket
    Dimensions: 79"L x 53"W

    "Royal Blue" $14.90 $10.49

    Retail Price: $19.90

    Special Price: $10.49

  • BodyChoice Flannel Fitted/Stretch Sheet

    100% Pure, High-Quality, Brushed Cotton
    Dimensions: 71"L x 30"W

    Retail Price: $14.95

    Our Price: $12.90
  • BodyChoice Oil-Resistant Table Cover

    Keep Your Table's Upholstery Clean and Oil Free
    Fits Standard Massage Tables Between 69"-74" Long 28"-31" Wide

    Retail Price: $34.95

    Our Price: $19.90
  • Spa Collection Cotton Towels

    Wrap Yourself in 100% Luxurious Cotton

    Retail Price: $22.90

    Special Price: $10.90

  • Poly-Cotton Bolster Covers

    Add Comfort and Keep Bolsters Clean

    Retail Price: $6.90

    Our Price: $4.90
  • Non-Woven Paper Roll

    Quickly and Conveniently Provides a Clean Surface for Your Massage Table Every Time for All Your Clients

    Retail Price: $12.90

    Our Price: $6.90
  • Paper Cutter

    Fits Snugly Around Your Massage Table and Cleanly Cuts Paper at any Desired Length

    Retail Price: $17.90

    Our Price: $16.95