Massage Tools

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Massage tools can make a huge difference in your massage therapy practice. They can keep you protected from occupational injuries as well as allow better access to clients’ muscles. Choose from our vast selection of innovative massage tools crafted from a variety of high quality materials. Save even more with our package deals.

  • Trigger Pointer

    Let Your Thumbs Rest

    Retail Price: $14.95

    Our Price: $6.90
  • Relax Hammer

    Tenderize Sore, Oxygen-Deprived Muscles

    Retail Price: $18.90

    Special Price: $6.90

  • Glow Fingers

    Give Your Effleurage a Boost

    Retail Price: $15.95

    Our Price: $9.90
  • Back Scratcher

    Fun Way to Scratch Those Hard-to-Reach Spots

    Retail Price: $12.95

    Special Price: $4.90

  • Thai Herbal Body Compress Balls

    Available in Three Exclusive Herbal Formulas Created for BestMassage by Traditional Thai Massage Experts

    Retail Price: $13.95

    Our Price: $11.85
  • Facial Roller

    Handy Massage Tool Designed to Massage Your Delicate Facial Muscles

    Retail Price: $12.95

    Our Price: $4.90
  • Star Hand Massage Tool

    Easy-To-Use Tool Strengthens Hand and Relaxes Hand Muscles

    Retail Price: $12.95

    Our Price: $4.90
  • Four-Point Massage Tool

    Has Four Different Points to Massage Muscles All Over the Body

    Retail Price: $12.95

    Our Price: $4.90
  • Easy-Reach Self-Massage Tool

    Compression Therapy for Hard-to-Reach and Not-So-Hard-to-Reach Trigger Points

    Retail Price: $24.85

    Our Price: $9.90
  • TheraBand® Foot Roller

    Relieve Pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs and Tired Feet

    Retail Price: $16.70

    Our Price: $8.49
  • Body Back Buddy

    Self Massage Tool Gives You Access to Hard-to Reach Sore Spots

    Retail Price: $39.95

    Our Price: $34.95
  • Back Buddy Jr.

    A smaller version of the popular Body Back Buddy.

    Retail Price: $34.95

    Our Price: $29.95