Massage Oil Blends

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Massage Oil Blends - “30 Day Money Back Guarantee”: This category includes unique blends of carrier oils, essential oils, extracts and other natural ingredients that make up our proprietary formulas. Choose from our wide line of BodyChoice, Biotone and Bon Vital brands in a variety of sizes to fit your massage therapy needs.

  • Biotone Herbal Select Body Therapy Massage Oil

    Gel-Textured Oil with a Satiny Feel. Leaves No Greasy Residue.

    Our Price: $12.75
  • Prossage® Heat Massage Oil

    Formulated for Deep Tissue Work, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy

    Retail Price: $13.50

    Our Price: $9.95
  • Thai Foot Massage Oil

    Specially Formulated for Thai Foot Massage

    "Thai Foot Massge Oil - 32 Ounces" $22.90 $14.90

    Retail Price: $12.95

    Our Price: $8.90
  • BodyChoice Massage Oil Warmer

    Evenly Heats Massage Oil and Keeps it at a Constant Temperature

    Retail Price: $29.90

    Our Price: $19.90
  • Dispensing Pumps

    Single Pumps for 8oz, 64oz, and gallon containers

    Retail Price: $2.49

    Our Price: $1.49