Portable Massage Tables

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Choose from an exciting variety of high quality and innovative BodyChoice portable massage tables. Whether you are just starting out and need a basic massage table or you are a professional ready to take your practice to the next level, we have a portable massage table to fit your needs. Most massage tables come equipped with standard or deluxe accessories which include a headrest, face pillow, hanging arm shelf and carrying case.

  • Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice Massage Table

    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Ergonomic Headrest
    Free Standard Traveler Carrying Case
    Free Ergonomic Memory Foam Face Pillow
    Features Memory Foam & Reiki Panels
    Features Adjustable Backrest
    Features Built-In Face Port and Plug
    Features Shiatsu Cable Release Function

    Retail Price: $329.00

    Our Price: $259.00
  • Flattop Pro BodyChoice Massage Table

    Free Accessory Shelf
    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Deluxe Carrying Case
    Free Ergonomic Adjustable Headrest
    Free Ergonomic Memory Foam Face Pillow
    Features Reiki Panels
    Features Memory Foam
    Features Rounded Corners
    Features Shiatsu Cable Release Function

    Retail Price: $299.00

    Our Price: $229.00
  • Eco-Basic BodyChoice Massage Table

    Free Face Pillow
    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Adjustable Headrest
    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Features Reiki Panels

    Retail Price: $169.00

    Our Price: $119.00