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Professional Thai Massage Tool Package
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Professional Thai Massage Tool Package

Professional Thai Massage Tool Package

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Product Overview

Add Traditional Thai Massage onto Your Massage Therapy Menu with This Money-Saving Package

Includes the Healing Thumb, Four Point Massage Tool, Thai Massage Stick, and Spider Massage Tool

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Retail Price: $47.75

Special Price: $22.00

Retail Price: $47.75

Special Price: $22.00

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Product Summary

Want a great way to get started with Traditional Thai Massage while saving money? Our Professional Thai Massage Tool Package has all the tools you need to administer a relaxing Thai massage.

The Professional Thai Massage Tool Package includes:

  • Healing Thumb
  • Four Point Massage Tool
  • Thai Massage Stick
  • Spider Massage Tool

Product Details

Healing Thumb Massage Tool
The Healing Thumb Massage Tool can be for deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and muscle stripping. Simply grip the tool, place your thumb on its flat part, and apply pressure to sore and stressed parts of the body for a fantastic deep-tissue massage. Reverse your grip on the Healing Thumb Tool and you can use it to perform muscle stripping, a technique that breaks up scar tissue in the muscle fibers. Finally, you can use the pointed end for trigger point therapy, the practice of eliminating referred pain that is caused by a hypersensitive nodule in the muscle fiber.

The Healing Thumb Massage Tool is made of 100% polished rosewood from Thailand and can be used with or without lotion during massage.

Four-Point Massage Tool

Our Four-Point Massage Tool is very versatile. It has four different points that can be used on muscles all over the body. Use the smaller points on delicate muscles on the hands and feet and use the larger points on bigger muscles on the shoulders and back.  Using the Four-Point Tool increases circulation to the body and reduces muscular fatigue. The four points can be used to stimulate reflexology points on the body to promote holistic healing.

The Four-Point Massage Tool also takes stress and strain off of the therapists’ joints while the therapists perform massage. The Tool’s various points and edges act as fingers and thumbs allowing the therapists’ precious joints to relax and remain injury-free.

The Four-Point Massage Tool is made of 100% polished rosewood from Thailand and can be used with or without lotion during massage. Length 4.5", Width 4.0"

Thai Massage Stick

Our Thai Massage Stick is used as part of Traditional Thai Foot Massage.  The stick is used to apply pressure to various reflex points on the foot in order to promote balance and healing in the body.  Our Traditional Thai Foot Massage stick is about 6 inches long and is made of beautiful, durable Siamese rosewood It has a thick end and a thin end which provide different sensations of pressures when applied to the foot.  The sides of the stick are ridged, allowing for the practitioner to administer a variety of pressure techniques.

Some of the benefits of Traditional Thai Foot Massage include: Helps balance the body; helps improve blood circulation and promotes the excretion of toxins from cells; helps relieve pain; helps reduces anxiety; improves energy; alleviates asthma, constipation, headaches, kidney stones, stress, migraines, and sinus problems. Dimensions: 6 inches long.

Spider Massage Tool

Don’t be fooled by The Spider Massage Tool’s small size! This little guy has a lot of massage power. Grab hold of the Spider’s body and let its four legs massage tension out of just about any muscle group. The Spider is great for use along the paraspinal muscles, shoulders or lower back.

The Spider Massage Tool is made of 100% polished rosewood from Thailand and can be used with or without lotion during massage.


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