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Supreme Oil, Lotion and Cream Bundle
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Supreme Oil, Lotion and Cream Bundle

Supreme Oil, Lotion and Cream Bundle

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Product Overview

Get the Best Selection of BodyChoice Oils, Lotions, and Creams and More for Lots Less in This 14-Piece Bundle!

Includes 8 oz. BodyChoice Natural Apricot Massage Oil, 8 oz. BodyChoice Organic Almond Massage Oil, 8 oz. BodyChoice Organic Sunflower Massage Oil, 8 oz. BodyChoice Natural Sesame Oil, 8 oz. of BodyChoice Natural Grape Seed Oil, 8 oz. of BodyChoice Energizing Massage Oil Blend, 8oz. BodyChoice Organic Blend Massage Lotion, 8 oz. BodyChoice Multi-Purpose Massage Cream, one Oil- Resistant Table Cover, one Oil-Resistant Face Pillow Cover, one Set of 100-Piece Disposable Face Pillow Covers, one 50-Yard Paper Roll, one Three-Piece Flannel Sheet Set, and one BodyChoice Massage Oil Warmer.

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Product Summary

Here’s a chance to get some of the most popular oils, lotions, and creams that BodyChoice offers plus some other exciting products all for a lot less! The Supreme Oil, Lotion, and Cream Bundle includes:

Product Details

8 oz. BodyChoice Natural Apricot Massage Oil
Apricot Oil is a wonderful staple carrier oil to have on hand. It is great for sensitive skin and is a terrific alternative to almond oil which can cause allergic reactions to those with sensitivities to nuts. Apricot Oil has a similar lipid content to the skin and promptly rehydrates skin when its lipid level is low. This useful oil is also good for alleviating itching and inflammation in skin conditions like eczema. It is also very popular in aromatherapy massage as it blends well with essential oils.

8 oz. BodyChoice Organic Almond Massage Oil
Almond oil is a very popular choice for many different types of massage including aromatherapy massage. Versatile almond oil is perfect for creating massage oil blends and provides an ideal glide when applied to the skin. It rarely causes skin reactions, but should not be used on those who have nut sensitivities. Almond oil softens dry, cracked skin and soothes inflamed, itchy skin. It improves the overall appearance and tone of skin, it reduces the appearance of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks, and it can also ease muscle pain. Almond oil has a very pleasant, sweet, nutty aroma and it absorbs semi-quickly into the skin.

8 oz. BodyChoice Organic Sunflower Massage Oil
Sunflower Oil is light and absorbs quickly into the skin making it ideal for massage. It is an affordable carrier oil that blends nicely with other carrier oils as well as essential oils. When compared to other carrier oils, Sunflower Oil has one of the highest contents of Vitamin E, a known antioxidant. Antioxidants keep the skin protected against harmful free radicals that cause premature aging and other health problems. Sunflower Oil also has a wealth of essential unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, as well as vital minerals and vitamins. Sunflower Oil works well with all skin types, but is especially beneficial for acne-prone, inflamed skin. It is a wonderful moisturizer and works to keep dry, prematurely aged, and damaged skin properly hydrated.

8 oz. BodyChoice Natural Sesame Seed Massage Oil
Sesame Seed Oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine (the traditional medicine of India) for centuries. This pleasant-smelling, affordable oil absorbs deeply into the skin allowing vital nutrients to enter into the body. Because it is so easily absorbed, Sesame Seed Oil is ideal for blends because it can carry other oils’ vitamins and minerals into the skin. Sesame Seed revitalizes tired, stressed skin and reduces inflammation of joints. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and keeps the skin protected from the damaging effects of UVA rays.

8 oz. BodyChoice Natural Grape Seed Massage Oil
Grape seed oil is light and nearly odorless. It is an ideal carrier oil for essential oils and is used extensively in aromatherapy massage. Grape seed oil is very high in Lineoic Acid, an Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acid. Grape seed oil heals skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema while keeping skin young-looking, tight and toned with its astringent properties. It is good for most skin types and rarely causes reactions, even with sensitive skin. This healing massage oil leaves a glossy residue on the skin keeping the skin hydrated and beautiful.

8 oz. BodyChoice Energizing Massage Oil Blend
Our therapeutic grade BodyChoice Energizing Massage Oil Blend stimulates and awakens your body. Using 99.5% natural ingredients, many of them organic in structure, this oil blend gives you a rush that is immediate, uplifting, and intense, yet soothing at the same time.  Wake up and face the world with our massage oil blend that refreshes and helps to focus your energy. Reasonably priced and water soluble, our oil blend is ready to use without any mixing. It provides a supreme glide which makes it ideal for a variety of massage modalities and because it is nut-free, clients who have nut allergies can use it with confidence.

8oz. BodyChoice Organic Blend Massage Lotion
Our BodyChoice Organic Blend Massage Lotion is created from the finest organic oils and extracts available. This silky, rich lotion is 100% natural, therapeutic grade, and guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.  Special ingredients in this non-staining blend include sunflower, jojoba, evening primrose, and flaxseed oils along with rich organic shea butter and extracts of arnica, white willow bark and cinnamon leaf.  Our BodyChoice Organic Blend Massage Lotion is ideal for all massage modalities.

8 oz. BodyChoice Multi-Purpose Massage Cream
Made with healing cocoa and shea butters, our BodyChoice Multi-Purpose Massage Cream is perfect for just about any modality of touch therapy. Cocoa butter has a heavenly scent and works to heal many skin conditions as well as protect the skin from free radicals and aging. Shea butter is one of the best healing substances to put on the skin. It hydrates the skin and keeps inflammation and other skin maladies at bay. Our BodyChoice Multi-Purpose Massage Cream contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Standard Oil-Resistant Table Cover in Yellow
Keep your massage table free from oil stains and residue with our Oil-Resistant Table Cover. This convenient cover is backed with a durable woven lining and made of oil-proof and waterproof PU leather, which is super soft and comfortable against the skin. Our standard table cover is designed to fit rectangular massage tables between 69"-75" long and 28"-31" wide. The Oil-Resistant Table Cover comes in a fun royal blue color and is a breeze to clean.

Oil-Resistant Face Pillow Cover in White
Keep your face pillows free from oil stains and residue with our Oil-Resistant Face Pillow Cover. This convenient cover is backed with a durable woven lining and made of oil-proof and waterproof PU leather, which is super soft and comfortable against the skin. Our Face Pillow Cover is designed to fit our Standard Headrests, comes in a fun royal blue color, and is a breeze to clean.

100-Piece Disposable Face Pillow Covers
We know it’s important to provide your clients with a sanitary environment while keeping your massage equipment clean. That’s why we offer our 100-Piece Disposable Face Pillow Cover set. Simply cover your massage table’s headrest with a new, clean, hypoallergenic face pillow cover each time for every client. Clients love the feeling of the soft, absorbent material of our disposable pillow covers against their face while they enjoy a relaxing massage. Our face pillow covers fit most headrests and are thick and comfortable.

Non-Woven Paper Roll
This spunbound, non-woven, disposable paper provides a breathable, soft surface for the comfort of your clients. And it also doesn’t create a crinkling paper noise when your clients move on the massage table. The paper rolls are perforated at 3.3' intervals letting you easily choose your desired length. At 27.5" wide, the paper fits nicely across most massage tables and is ample enough to accommodate nearly every client's width. The total length of the paper roll is 50 yd., which means it lasts longer and saves you money.

Three-Piece Flannel Sheet Set in Yellow
This high-quality sheet set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a face pillow cover. Our sheets and pillow cover have a high thread count which makes them super durable. They are sourced from 100% pure, high-quality, double-brushed cotton flannel which makes them tremendously soft and extremely comfortable. The fitted and flat sheets fit all standard massage tables with widths of 28"-31" and lengths of 69"-75". The pillow cover has elastic edging and fits both standard and ergonomic face pillows as well as most crescent-shaped face pillows.

BodyChoice Massage Oil Warmer
With our BodyChoice Massage Oil Warmer you will be able to heat your massage oils and lotions to the perfect temperature and keep them at that temperature for the duration of your massage.  Just fill up the warmer’s reservoir with water and the heating plate inside creates a “hot-water bath” for your massage oil. The reservoir’s generous opening can accommodate wide-mouth bottles and bottles up to 2.8" in diameter. The water’s heat is transferred quickly, evenly, and safely to your bottle of massage oil without compromising the oil’s nutrients. The warmer automatically stops heating when the desired temperature is reached and will resume heating once the temperature has fallen below the desired number of degrees, so there is no risk of underheating or overheating your oil. The warmer has five adjustable temperature levels between 77° F and 140° F. A handy indicator light will illuminate when the warmer is in the process of heating your oil and will automatically shut off once the desired temperature is reached. Detailed instructions on how to use your BodyChoce Massage Oil Warmer are included.

About BodyChoice

An international leader in all natural products for massage therapists and bodyworkers for over a decade, BodyChoice is dedicated to providing the highest quality supplies for professionals, students and home enthusiasts. The BodyChoice line offers a wide range of all natural and organic products in a variety of sizes. Committed to green and ethical practices, BodyChoice's oils, blends, lotions and creams are pure, professional grade and made in the USA.  

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