Boost Revenue with Holiday Marketing

Boost Revenue with Holiday Marketing

Are you ready for the holiday rush? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make the most of this busy season. Aside from delivering a wonderful bodywork experience, learn more about boosting your revenue and growing your business by incorporating some advice from our marketing experts.

Create or revamp your website. A simple and clear web presence can be your most effective marketing tool, legitimizing your business and exposing you to the more than two billion people online. With affordable technologies, it’s never been easier to have your own website. This digital generation requires an online and mobile vehicle to locate the best services and values 24/7. For the tech savvy, geo-targeted mobile marketing apps can pull in new customers close to your business in real time. According to Steelhouse’s 2015 Holiday Guide, consumers spend 82% of mobile time in-app. Contract online media professionals to create effective ads and engaging social media posts. Investment in building a website or refining your online presence can reap limitless rewards.

Reach out in real life. Collaborate with local organizations and small businesses to promote your practice at company parties, mini sessions or open houses. Don’t forget to bring your business cards. Identify your loyal clients and send them thank you notes, holiday cards or personalized emails with exclusive deals, private events and special promotions. Targeting your preferred customer base can increase word-of-mouth referrals and ultimately strengthen the lifetime value of your brand loyal, repeat clients. Show them your gratitude, make them feel special and strengthen your relationships. Everyone will benefit.

Give more, get more. Use philanthropy to make an impactful statement. Participating in fundraisers develops a powerful network, reinforcing your brand reputation and broadening your reach. November and December are full of opportunities to be a part of charitable events. A strategic marketing tool, altruism is a positive platform for strengthening your image, building goodwill capital and generating leads.

Be festive with Retail Therapy. Offer gift certificates, holiday packages or even add retail to your practice. Essential oils, specialized ointments, soothing music and wellness tools for home therapy can enhance the efficacy of treatments between sessions, improve your professional relationship with clients and increase your income by hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Offering a limited amount of at home massage products gives customers easy access to specialized merchandise that makes excellent presents to both keep and share. If you already sell, take stock of your inventory and unload old items at a considerable discount. Attractively bundle items and create special spa packages to take the guesswork out of holiday shopping. It’s a great opportunity to overhaul your offerings, reach consumers seeking the best deals without any hassle and start the New Year fresh with an updated and improved inventory.

Make the most of November, and grow your bottom line, with some of our easy marketing tips. Whether you participate in a fundraiser or send personal thank you notes to loyal clients, streamline your web presence or offer new massage lotions, the moves you make this month can positively impact your business in the short and long term. Embrace the holiday season and take advantage of the many gifts this time of year can offer your practice.

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