Discovering Traditional Thai Herbal Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is centered on the principle of Prana, or energy life force, which should ideally flow without restrictions along the Sen Sib lines of the body, which are similar to the Meridians, or energy channels, in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Obstructed Sen Sib lines can cause pain, stiffness, a general sense of malaise and discomfort, and eventual disease for the body. Through various techniques, Traditional Thai Massage opens up blocked Sen Sib lines and allows Prana to move freely throughout the body.

Traditional Thai Massage started more than 2500 years ago in India. It subsequently moved to Thailand where it was influence by Thai Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The restoration of balance and the removal of energy blocks are the ways the Thai Massage heals the body. Thai Massage is more preventative than curative for according to the Thai people, the absence of illness is the best blessing.

Some forms of Traditional Thai Massage are likened to a yoga class more than a massage session. Customarily, the client lies on a mat on the floor while the practitioner uses her hands, arms, feet, and legs to contort the client’s body in several different yoga poses, one being arching the client’s back into a cobra-like position. Additionally, the practitioner may lock her elbows and straighten her forearms and while using her hands, administer rhythmic pressure along the Sen Sib lines of the client’s body. The practitioner may also “crack” the client’s knuckles, toes and fingers and even pull on his ears. The Traditional Thai Massage is certainly more rigorous and energetic than classic massage!

The use of herbal compress balls is also a key factor in Traditional Thai Massage. An herbal compress ball is made of up various Thai herbs, either fresh or dried, tied up in a muslin cloth. The compress is then steamed in a steamer for ten to twenty minutes and subsequently rolled, dragged, or pressed onto the client’s skin, usually along the Sen Sib lines or areas where the client is experiencing pain or discomfort. The heat from the steamer activates the healing elements of the herbs by releasing the herbs’ essential oils. Thai herbal compress can be made of a variety of different herbs, but some main ingredients include: turmeric, tamarind, lemongrass, kaffir lime, camphor, shikakai, cassia siamea, and mangosteen, menthol and myrtle grass.

The benefits of Thai Massage are many. As mentioned previously, the Thai tradition embraces harmony and balance in the body by ways of allowing free-flowing Prana, or life energy. Thai Massage techniques create balance along with easing muscle stiffness, alleviating joint pain, improving blood circulation, helping with chronic back pain, stimulating nerve endings and creating a resistance to injury and illnesses. After a Thai massage session, which can sometimes last as long as two hours, the client feels free of stress, invigorated and mentally clear and alert. offers three types of Thai herbal body compress balls in both an organic and natural version: Energizing, Relaxing, and Rejuvenating. Each box contains two herbal balls. Our Thai compresses are exceptional because we work directly with traditional massage experts from Thailand to develop our exclusive formula. We also offer bargain-priced package deals like the Starter Compress Ball Package which contains one box each of the three varieties of natural herb body balls, the Standard Compress Ball Package which contains one box of each of the three varieties of natural herb body balls along with our Herbal Ball Steamer, and finally the Supreme Compress Ball Package which contains one box of each of the three varieties of herb body balls in both the natural and organic versions, an herbal ball steamer and two boxes of the facial herbal balls in the Revitalizing formula.

Thai Massage is an old tradition, but is a major part of Thai tourism today and continues to gain popularity throughout other parts of the world. No matter what your specialty, if you are looking to expand your practice, Thai Massage may be for you. Try our Thai herbal ball therapeutic remedies and see how quickly they add a new dimension to your work.

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