Fango and Moor

Fango and Moor

"Fango“ originates in Italy and means "mud“. It is an ancient Italian tradition to use this therapeutic mud as a wellness treatment. Romans used it to relax muscles. The mineral rock originates from the Euganei Hills. It‘s a type of volcanic clay collected from the ground of a small lake and brought to spas in Abano, Montegrotto, Galzignano and Battaglia.

Italian Fango is organic and consists of thermal water, fango mud, algae and microorganisms. To make mud curative and beneficial, the mixture must ripen for 60 days in a steady thermal water flow at a consistent 140°F temperature. The water flows underground from the foothills of the Alps into the Euganei pool. It covers a distance of 80 km, enriched with mineral salts for 25 years. Once the fango mud is ripe, it will be air dried, cleaned and finely ground. Italian Fango differs from other European types by the earth being used. Other European Fango consists of inorganic mud without any riping process. In Germany, volcanic stone is heated and then ground. If necessary, some radon, sole or sulfur is added. The composition of the mineral compounds and the thermo physical properties are important.

Fango is rather expensive. There is a less expensive alternative: ready-made paraffin packages for repeated use. These wraps consist of paraffin wax mixed with fango or moor mud. This substance is applied to parts of the body after heating. They keep a soft, plastic consistency even after cooling. After each treatment the wrap should be sterilized and can be used for up to 30 or 40 treatments. But only natural Fango has thermodynamic properties.

Before you begin with the treatment, the stone powder should be mixed with water and heated to 113°F and applied to the body approximately 1“ thick. The body will be covered with a linen pad or wrapped in foil to retain warmth longer. Thanks to the covering, the moisture of the Fango stays constant. Volcanic mud should be left on the skin 20 to 30 minutes to be fully absorbed and then removed.

The treatment stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, reducing pain and tension. Ideal for relieving back pain and inflammation of the synovial sheath of tendon and muscles. It is often used during therapy for chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system. Fango wraps help to reduce arthritis and rheumatism. The healing mud is good for skin and soothes skin diseases like neurodermatitis or psoriasis. The high temperature stimulations circulation, relaxing the muscles and supplying the nutrients to the tissue. 

The primary difference between Fango and Moor Mud is the earth being mixed with water in a plastic cover. Moor is a natural product created from the decomposition of hundreds of different plants. While the moor dries, the valuable silt rises to the surface and can be separated. This separation contains organic substances like nitrogen compounds, resin and humic acid. The moor also contains silicic acid, ferrite and trace elements like boron and jodine. Moor should be also heated up to 118°F like the fango wraps. The package should remain on the skin 30 to 60 minutes. Moor packages also support therapies for rheumatism, arthritis and osteoporosis. The humic acid contained in moor is anti-inflammatory. You can also take a relaxing bath of moor at home.

Many spas feature various mud applications for health and wellness. Therapeutic aids for purification, these muds can help draw impurities through the skin, easing pain and disease. From wraps to baths to spot applications, the healing benefits of natural mud combined with heat are numerous. Clients should rest for at least a half an hour after treatments.

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