Getting To Know Chair Massage

Getting To Know Chair Massage

There are many aspects to consider when deciding between a massage table or chair or both, primarily based on individual preferences and business needs. Why opt for a portable massage chair? This article will address what chair work is, how it became popular, and review some of the reasons that practitioners choose to purchase a portable chair and incorporate it in their work.

Massage chairs are effective modes for massage therapy and produce many benefits like relaxation, stress relief and improved circulation. Seated massage is an effective way to access tense muscles on the upper body like the back, arms, shoulders, neck, head and face. It targets areas that build up with pressure during the day and loosens tensions through localized treatments like kneading, pressure, stretching and tapping.

Although seated massage has existed for centuries, the portable chair massage that is often times associated with malls and airports originated from a marketing perspective. Bodyworkers found it difficult to build their massage practices and determined that in order to reach the general public, they needed to create an audience that understood massage as not only healthy but convenient, affordable and safe. Chair massage was a way to make massage more accessible.

Massage chairs, like the Eco BodyChoice Chair, are designed to be strong and light weight, space saving and quickly adjust to a client’s size and shape. Because massage chairs are easily portable, they make transport a cinch and can fit in virtually any space. From a giant convention center to the corner of a bustling workplace, almost any environment can accommodate a chair as long as it offers room for the therapist to walk around. This versatility increases options for location and the opportunities to reach many people at once. Removing the pressure of clients physically driving to you can also make the idea of receiving a massage more desirable.

Chair massages are usually for shorter time periods than table massage, ranging from minutes to an hour. Scheduling short massages can help people with time constraints, opening up massage to a large demographic of workers who have difficulty taking a long break. A quick massage while grocery shopping can be a dream for busy people. Because chair massages are shorter, they are also more affordable for clients with smaller budgets.

Additional reasons that people are comfortable with chair massage are because it’s not necessary to disrobe and oils are sparingly, if ever, used. People can avoid feeling self conscious and don’t have to worry about feeling greasy or bathing afterward. Also, seated work is ideal for clients who have trouble getting on and off a table or feel uncomfortable lying flat. The elderly, injured, pregnant or those who suffer from chronic ailments, have more ease with a massage chair.

Chair massage is a great ambassador for massage. Effective, convenient, affordable and versatile, seated massage can be the ideal avenue for encouraging the public to embrace massage therapy in their everyday lives. An ancient therapy adapted for a modern lifestyle, chair massage may be the perfect direction for your business whether you have just graduated or are looking for a way to grow your practice.

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