Heat Therapy for the Holidays

Winter is officially here and signals the beginning of the season of sore muscles, dry skin, heightened susceptibility to illnesses and general blahs. Thermotherapy, also known as heat therapy, is an enhancing addition to most massage modalities. A welcome balancing element to the frigid months and stress of winter, this article will review some easy ways to treat your clients, and yourself, to the warming healing benefits of thermotherapy.

Massage therapy can soothe inflammation, repair muscles, increase skin hydration, boost immunity and circulation and improve an overall feeling of wellbeing. Positive effects of massage therapy can be heightened with the aid of thermotherapy, simply the use of heat to relieve pain and increase relaxation. Heat opens muscles and relaxes joints. Some of the therapeutic effects of thermotherapy include improving flexibility, allowing for a deeper massage, lessening joint rigidity and encouraging blood flow for better oxygen supply, waste elimination and faster healing.

Often used for rehabilitation, the tools of thermotherapy can range from direct contact with Hot Stones, a Instant Hot Compress, Warming Pad  to deeper methods like radiation and ultrasound machines. Direct applications of heat primarily promote vasodilation, the expansion of blood vessels. Vasodilation improves circulation and relaxes muscles, soft tissue and joints. Applying constant mild heat with a warm Compress or Therapy Pillow to the back, neck and face, can even release tensions that cause headaches. Muscle spasms, migraines, fibromyalgia and bursitis can be soothed by heat therapy. Take caution to avoid acute injuries as heat increases circulation, thus heat can increase bleeding. Care must also be exercised around scarred tissue as any places on the body with decreased sensitivity can be damaged by too much heat.

Warmed spaces are nurturing and relaxing so be sure to create a cozy and toasty ambiance with Aromatherapy diffusers, portable heaters and Essential Oil Heaters. Paraffin treatments, Massage Salts and Steam Canopies are great ways to pamper with thermotherapy just in time for seasonal specials. Small touches like Flannel Sheets and Fleece Covers ensure a snug space and comfort clients will remember. Even an Oil Warmer and Warm Towels can make all of the difference. Heat generates a deep tranquility.

Falling temperatures, dark days and the frenzy of holidays can be a recipe for overload.  Prepare for this time of year by incorporating more heat therapy in your massage routine. Comforting, rejuvenating and healing, thermotherapy is a perfect contrast to the harsh elements so you and your clients can spend the winter more relaxed, happier and healthier.

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