Keep Cool! Massage Tips for a Hot Summer

Keep Cool! Massage Tips for a Hot Summer

While heat enhances bodywork by relaxing muscle tissue, it can be very unappealing, and uncomfortable, when it’s excessively warm outside. There are special treatments to keep you, and clients, cool and relaxed on the hottest summer days. This month’s article includes tips for supporting the body’s natural cooling system without sacrificing therapeutic heat.

First, be sure your space is well ventilated and not too hot or cold. You will want to maintain a balanced temperature that provides relief to stifling outdoor heat while avoiding a jarring chill that tenses muscles. Fans set on low and aroma diffusers or humidifiers keep the air circulating and moist, creating a serene, healing environment. Since everyone’s ideal temperature levels vary, it’s important to open up communication to be attuned to your client’s comfort throughout the treatments. Offer your clients room temperature, purified water to sip before, during and after every session to keep them hydrated, reduce overheating and promote the release of toxins.

Because of sweating and sun exposure, summer skin can feel dehydrated, clogged and lacklustre. A gentle weekly exfoliation will slough away dry, dead skin and reveal a new, healthy layer. Lightweight carrier oils like Camellia Massage Oil, and lighter oil blends offer a delicate feel on the skin while still providing glide and nourishment.

Massage oils and lotions with cooling properties like Coconut Massage Oil can counterbalance an overheated body and gently bring the temperature down. Aloe Vera induces a cooling sensation that even soothes sunburnt skin. Applying massage products with Aloe Vera to the feet can safely lower the body’s temperature. Cooling essential oils like spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus can be added to oils, lotions and diffusers to regulate temperature.

While ice is ideal for acute injuries, a gradual temperature transition is recommended if your client is overheated. You may wish to begin with a cooling facial or body treatment. Look for tools that naturally alternate between both cold and hot therapy. Cold stones are encouraged to be used in tandem with hot stone massage. A cool stone placed in the palm or behind the neck can comfortably moderate body temperature. Marble Cold Stones ease inflamed tissues, reduce swelling and also promote circulation. A dual action lotion like Cooling Massage Lotion goes on cool and refreshes but then changes to provide a deep warmth designed to heal as it soothes. Some bodywork treatments that incorporate pulse points or acupressure identify target areas that when worked with massage tools release the accumulation of internal body heat.

Keep your clients, and yourself, comfortable with our summer tips. Guaranteed to detoxify and rejuvenate the whole body system, release the heat and stress from head to toe by incorporating balancing elements in sessions. Support the body’s natural temperature regulating system by integrating tools and techniques that cool gently, for the ultimate in relaxation and invigoration, even when it’s sweltering outside.

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