Massage Your Relationships

This winter has set record lows in temperature. Are you feeling the chill in your significant relationship? Maybe it’s bickering or apathy, a disconnect or missing spark. Introducing sensual massage and/or expanding your repertoire may be just the change needed to reinvigorate your love life. Beyond the physical elements, massage can have emotional and spiritual benefits. In this article, we will reveal the many ways sensual massage can improve your intimate relationship, body and soul. Enjoy your sexuality, celebrate sensuality and reconnect through positive touch.

Touch is a central component of what it means to be human, fundamental to communication, bonding, and health.  Skin is the largest organ of our somatosensory system, an intricate network of receptors that communicates with the brain as a vital channel of receiving information from outside of the body.  Studies show that regular loving touch encourages how we develop physically, from cognitive abilities and stimulating growth hormones to our ability to absorb nutrients.

Impacting the muscles, bones, and tendons, massage can relieve tension headaches and pain, improve circulation, and release nerve compression.  Greater flexibility, strengthened immunity, and enhanced vitality, massage is the gateway to physically feeling better.  When we feel better, we are better: more thoughtful, more energetic, more loving.

Massage also influences emotions.  Touch stimulates small nerves which release serotonin, dopamine, and the cuddle chemical, the hormone oxytocin, discharging feelings of pleasure and relaxation, and influencing the bonding attachment.  Neuroscientist, Edmund Rolls, found that touch activates the brain’s orbital frontal cortex, which is linked to feelings of reward and compassion.  Intimate massage creates reassurance of love and safety, translating to emotional well being through building trust, cooperation and reciprocity.  Loving touch enables you to let go in your mind, to release anxiety.  When we are less anxious, we are less inwardly consumed and more able to look outwardly, to the needs of our loved ones.

Improving communication is essential to a healthy relationship.  In an ever chaotic and multitasking world, intimate massage creates an environment for increasing communication by encouraging focus, presence, and opening channels for correctly identifying internal desires.  Rediscover each others bodies and explore your partner’s verbal and nonverbal cues.  A nurturing, reassuring peaceful retreat, strengthen your safe trusting bond and open communication with sensual massage.

Trying something new and challenging together presents a common goal and can renew your sense of strength.  Learning and growing together helps to keep a relationship from stagnating and can even increase self esteem which positively affects desirability.  A shared passion encourages relating and working together, and keeps your relationship interesting by cultivating bonds and building synchronicity in cooperative spirit.  Share interest, share a massage, share the adventure!

Sensual massage builds sexual energy and opens connections of the heart.  This Valentine’s Day, pamper your partner, cultivate your natural synergy and supercharge your relationship with loving touch.  Your body, heart and lover will thank you!

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