Relax and Refresh:  Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care At Home

Are you ready to feel more fresh and vivacious with a clear and focused mind?  As bodyworkers, our bodies are not only the most amazing thing we will ever own, they are our tools for practicing touch therapies.  When we care for ourselves and nourish our bodies, minds and spirits, we are better prepared to care for others.  In this article, we will focus on adding relaxing self-care into your daily routine, and reveal some simple tips for transforming a corner of your busy life into a tranquil rejuvenating home spa.

You know the drill, and you even encourage your clients all of the time. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Get enough sleep. Exercise regularly. Meditate. But your own schedule is packed and between taking care of your business and family and friends, and navigating the latest curveball from life, it is too easy to sacrifice self-care. But the benefits of self-care are precisely what we need to guide us through life at our strongest and happiest.  Practicing self-care makes us feel better and helps us function at our very best, by replenishing and boosting our energy. Self-care strengthens, supports and repairs, and when we feel good about ourselves, it is contagious.

Relaxation is the antidote to stress, and it’s more than avoiding problems or strife but the ability to relax into the moment with a full awareness and physical preparedness. Chronic stress can be psychologically and physically debilitating. Studies show that stress contributes to the development of many major illnesses, from heart disease to depression. Combat stress with relaxation and let it invigorate, restore and rebuild you.

First, commit to your self-care. Acknowledge your personal value and the importance of taking time every day to relax. Sometimes the hardest step is just beginning.

Next, consider what actions you can take to better care for yourself and relax. We all have different needs that are unique to our own wellbeing. Write them down.

Your list may include reading about ways to Save Your Hands or learning from Osho’s Body Mind Balancing.  Maybe you need to luxuriate in a bath with Aloe Massage Salt or give yourself a professional at home manicure with the Nail Studio Set. Soak your feet in the Therabath Paraffin Bath. Ease sore muscles with a Therapeutic Neck Pillow with Himalayan Salt and the Self-Massage Thai Tool Package. There are many affordable at home products specifically designed to indulge in, in the privacy of your home. Try to schedule something every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes.

Now, let’s create a space in your home for relaxation, an at home spa. Choose a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted. Perhaps it’s a bathroom or a sunroom, the kitchen nook at dawn or the old oak tree in the backyard. Turn off your cell phone and gather your tools for relaxation which may be as simple as a cup of chamomile and a comfy cushion. Set the mood with soothing Music and beautiful Lighting. Cleanse the air with a Solay Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp and infuse the ambience with Aromatherapy. Breathe deeply. Relax, renew, repeat.

Life is an adventure, full of ups and downs, with opportunities for learning around every corner. Get ready to embrace the day with joy, serenity and confidence, and schedule in personal relaxation. Self-care is vital to wellness and health. Make it a priority to nurture you, body, mind and soul.

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