Reasons behind the Rising Prominence of Cupping Therapy

The origin of the Cupping Therapy can be traced back to China as it was one of the fundamental medical practices that the ancient Chinese people used to treat a number of health concerns. Cupping therapy has proven to treat asthma, arthritis, constipation and a plethora of others complaints with incredible results. Presently, an increasing number of alternative therapists, mostly acupuncturists, are employing the use of Cupping Therapy in their practices due to the many positive effects of this miraculous treatment.

Cupping Therapy can be performed by using Glass Cupping Jars and heat. When the interior of the glass jar is heated, a vacuum occurs. The jar is immediately placed on a person’s body and is allowed to suction the skin. Presently, there are other ways to perform cupping by using specially created suction cups and vacuums.

Cupping Therapy is extremely effective in alleviating pain, especially back pain. When a person sustains an injury to his back, internal bleeding may occur at the site. In that case, blood settles and becomes stagnant at the point of injury.  This blood build up is really the root cause of the pain because the injured part of the body is not receiving a sufficient supply of healthy blood for its cells to carry out their healing function. Cupping Therapy removes this stagnant blood by improving blood circulation in the affected area and consequently the pain subsides.

Cupping Therapy can increase people’s energy levels leaving them feeling more active and energetic than before. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our bodies are comprised of meridians or energy channels. Over time injuries and stress can inhibit energy, or Chi, from freely moving across the body’s meridians. Cupping Therapy works to unblock Chi by improving blood circulation and releasing stagnant blood pools. Regular cupping sessions can ensure free-flowing Chi and overall better health.  

Health professionals have discovered that cupping therapy is one of the best methods for eliminating body cell toxins. As part of their normal functions, our bodies produce toxins that are meant to be voided externally. However, people’s bodies may only release a portion of these toxins and the rest remain trapped in their systems. Over time, the accumulation of toxins in their bodies leads to negative effects like inflammation, illness, even infertility. Again, by committing to regular cupping sessions, people are able to clear out their bodies and remain in good health.

Cupping Therapy has few negative side effects. Generally, cupping therapy leaves behind slight bruises, swelling or redness where the Glass Cupping Jars were placed on the skin. These marks do not last more than four days and are not harmful. Care should be taken when administering cupping therapy to pregnant women, children, elderly, those with skin disease or those suffering from a fever. One should always receive Cupping Therapy from a professional acupuncturist. Overall, Cupping Therapy is a recommended safe and effective medical practice for most people. 

Cupping Therapy is on the rise in many medical settings. With its effectiveness in alleviating pain, unblocking trapped energy and releasing harmful toxins, it is no wonder why it is such a popular choice of treatment.

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