Tips for Handling Stress from the Holidays

In this time of coming together and enjoying the holidays, the spirit of the season can sometimes get lost behind a feeling of needing to do this and the other thing, and don’t forget that last thing! There can be a long laundry list of items that you just don’t know how they’re all going to get done. We are going to explore some of the strategies you can use to help bust that holiday stress and have the holiday season be an enjoyable one as it was intended.

Strategy #1 – Exercise

It doesn’t have to be a lot, but even ten minutes a day of exercise can make a difference in how you feel. We often think of exercise as a part of weight loss or control, but the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN promotes it for another reason: Physical activity helps to bump up the production of the body’s endorphins which improves your mood. So consider a short walk or whatever exercise you enjoy when you start to feel a little frazzled.

Strategy #2 – Don’t try to be everything to everybody

A big cause of stress during the holidays is the desire to meet what we think of as other people’s expectations of us. There are always more ‛should’s than we can handle, or are even realistic to live up to. It is much healthier to take the ‛should’s that work for you, and set the other ‛should’s down. You will appreciate taking it easy on yourself.

Strategy #3 – Spend some time with yourself

One of the things that often gets lost in the shuffle is time alone with the most important person – you!  Whether it’s meditation, yoga, a walk outside, a soothing bath or any number of other things, there are great ways you can give yourself some ‛You’ time!  When you recharge your battery, then you have more to give to others. They will appreciate it if you are not running on empty (and you will too!)

Strategy #4 – Don’t make it such a big deal

It’s always nice to get together with the people in our life and celebrate the season, but one of the causes of stress is the thought – “It’s a BIG DEAL!”  By just deflating this balloon of stress and anxiety, we allow ourselves to enjoy the moments together and just be present. It’s simple – but effective.  Try it! Take a deep breath and let the air out. 

Thanks for reading this article. Give some of these tips a try when you need to unplug. From all of us here at, have a great holiday season, and let go of the stress!

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