Whey: A Natural Remedy

Whey natural remedy

Whey contains numerous vitamin and mineral compounds like calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Thanks to a ph neutrality, whey can help relieve skin ailments like psoriasis, neurodermaititis und eczema. Lactic acid present in whey binds water to the skin, protecting it from drying-out. Whey even cleanses and refreshes the skin.

Brittle and dry skin may benefit from a whey bath. A thin film of milk protein will form on the skin and protect it against noxious substances, solar radiation and even bad weather. However, it’s important to note that there are two different kinds of whey: sweet whey for skin protection and acid whey (also known as "sour whey") for skin diseases.

Whey is formed during the manufacture of cheese and curds. Some acids or enzyme rennet are added to milk during the making of cheese and curds. Casein (consisting of casein protein and fat) turns out and drops. The remaining cloudy liquid is the whey. Cheese curd production results in sweet or sour whey. Sour whey cannot be kept long because of its 5% acidity and is mostly sold.

A growing number of spas and wellness centres recognize the benefits of whey and offer whey baths with in-house whey products, pampering their clients with the valuable qualities of whey. Taking a whey bath helps the mineral compounds, vitamins, lactose and proteins penetrate the skin, nourishing both inside and out. Whey bath relaxes the soul and improves skin at the same time. A special treatment some wellness salons offer is a skin pampering whey jacuzzi. This indulges skin and stimulates blood circulation of the connective tissues through the sub-massage.

A whey bath can be enjoyed at home. Draw 35 to 40° Celcius water into the bath and add 300 grams of whey powder. Do not use shampoo, shower gel, soap or bath oil - they can impair the positive effects of whey. Bathe for no more than 20 minutes. A film build-up on the skin after taking a whey bath should not be immediately removed. Lightly dry yourself with a bath towel to allow the whey to continue to form its protective barrier and nourish the skin. Immediately after the bath, you’ll notice that irritated skin feels radically relaxed, smooth and soft. Let your facial skin relax with a mask of whey powder and water. The mask calms and moisturizes, easing small wrinkles. A great addition to a whey bath!

The low content of natrium combined with the high content of potassium can effectively lower blood pressure when ingested. Older people and the physically active can especially take advantage of whey as a valuable source of calcium, preventing fluid, electrolyte and amino acid deficits. The loss of nutrients during sports can be balanced with whey which contains almost no fat but many mineral compounds, trace elements and vitamin B. Some practitioners recommend ingesting whey while fasting.

Good for your body inside and out, whey drinks and whey baths can ease a multitude of issues from skin problems like acne and eczema to metabolic and bowel disturbances. Whey can even improve liver and kidney health. Be sure to discuss incorporating whey in your dietary or beauty regimens with a medical professional.

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