Bamboo Massage Tools Now Available at BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, is currently offering two new bamboo massage tool sets: the eight-piece BodyChoice Bamboo Tool Starter Set and the fifteen-piece BodyChoice Bamboo Tool Professional Set for sale online and at their massage table and massage supplies showroom. They have also put together a package deal combining their BodyChoice Bamboo Tool Professional set with their new BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer which is available at the end of December of this year.

Chicago, IL, December 7, 2012

Both clients and therapists are raving about the use of bamboo tools in their massage practices. Therapists love using the smooth, lightweight massage tools that keep their hands and wrists free from injury and clients love the deep, relaxing feeling they get from heated bamboo. Bamboo is also regarded as great for the environment. This miracle grass grows very rapidly and spreads very easily without the need for pesticides and a lot of water. It releases 35% more oxygen in the air compared to similar-sized hardwood trees. It matures faster than hardwood trees and hence conserves nutrients in the soil as it protects against soil erosion. 

“We love the idea of integrating bamboo with massage. We are always conscious of our impact on the environment and these massage tools are in line with our vision. The massage tools are also wonderful at preserving the therapists’ wrist, joints and thumbs,” said Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage.

The bamboo massage tool sets are available in two versions: the eight-piece Starter Set and the fifteen-piece Professional Set for $69 and $99, respectively. Each set includes 100% bamboo massage tools of various lengths, heights, and widths. Each massage tool is used for different purposes so BestMassage has included a Bamboo Massage Buyers Guide on its website to help its customers familiarize themselves with the various massage tools and their corresponding functions.  In general, the Starter Set is designed for those who want to first integrate bamboo massage into their practices while the Professional Set is for the more experienced bamboo massage therapists who want to experiment with more tools. Each set also contains a handsome carrying case to house the massage tools when they are not in use.

In addition to all its other benefits, bamboo is a wonderful conductor of heat. Heat works to relax muscles and lets therapists administer a deeper, more effective massage on their clients. Because of this, Buechler has created a package deal combining the BodyChoice Bamboo Tool Professional Set with the new BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer. The Portable Stone Warmer was originally designed to heat massage stones on-the-go, but Buechler realized it was also ideal for to warm bamboo massage tools too.

“We saw a great opportunity to create a package deal with our new Portable Stone Warmer. Not only can you heat your massage stones, you can heat your bamboo massage tools as well. Best of all, the bag is portable so you can keep your stones and tools warm while you travel!”

The BodyChoice Bamboo Tool and Warmer Package deal is available for purchase now at for $209, but will not be available for shipping until December 30, 2012.

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