BestMassage Adds Over Twenty New BodyChoice Essential Oils, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, is supplementing its stock of massage oils, creams and lotions with twenty new essential oils by BodyChoice.

Chicago, IL, February 29, 2012

Now customers seeking a wide selection of essential oils need to look no further than “We are ecstatic about our new massage supplies of essential oils!” exclaims Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage. “We have been in the process of getting several new essential oils for quite some time now. We took the time to carefully select the particular essential oils that were in line with our customer needs. Quite a few customers interested in integrating essential oils into their massage practices approached us requesting oils that we did not yet carry. We saw this as an opportunity to build our essential oil line.”

An essential oil refers to the liquid that is extracted from the aromatic portions of a plant –usually from the plant’s bark, seeds, leaves or flowers. Essential oils are used in a variety of ways from use during a massage session, to healing skin wounds, to being a pleasant-smelling cleaning agent. Essential oils are purported to have an assortment of healing abilities—everything from aiding in blood circulation to regulating hormones. “Essential oils are not just pretty-scented perfumes,” asserts Buechler. “They are quite powerful healers both physically and emotionally.”

BestMassage has offered some of the most common essential oils like Lavender, Bergamot and Tea Tree for years now, but has recently supplemented its supply with harder-to-find oils like three different types of Eucalyptus plant essential oils (Eucalyptus Citriodora, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Eucalyptus Smithii) as well Red, Pink and White varieties of Grapefruit essential oils. Furthermore, with several of the essential oils, BestMassage supplies both a natural and an organic version. Customers can also choose from a range of sizes of the oils; most oils come in 10mL, 20mL or 50mL amounts.

“Many of our customers are interested in mixing our essential oils with our line of carrier oils and using them in their massage practices to further enhance their clients’ massage experience,” says Buechler. “We also offer our BodyChoice Aroma Diffuser that, with a couple drops of your favorite essential oil, releases healthy negative ions into the air along with a pleasant scent. For those massage therapists interested in learning more about essential oils as well as earning CE credits, we offer two essential oil online CE classes as well as the book Aromatherapy by Jimm Harrison. We are happy to be building our supply of essential oils and are excited to see how our customers respond our essential oil choices.” 

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