BestMassage Introduces the Eco-Basic BodyChoice, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, presents its latest addition to the BodyChoice portable massage table series—the Eco Basic BodyChoice.

Chicago, IL, September 21, 2012 –

There’s a new massage table in BestMassage’s portable BodyChoice family—the Eco-Basic BodyChoice.  This massage table is meant to replace the popular Eco-Plus BodyChoice massage table once supplies of that have run out.  The choice to change out the Eco-Plus BodyChoice was made because BestMassage found a manufacturer who would produce the massage table at a lower cost with superior materials.  The two massage tables retail for the same amount:  $189.

Even though the massage tables are very much the same, BestMassage decided to phase out the name Eco-Plus BodyChoice and go with the more apt, Eco-Basic BodyChoice.  The Eco-Plus BodyChoice was originally created as an alternative to the bestselling Eco BodyChoice.  The Eco BodyChoice, however, has slightly thicker padding which was confusing to consumers who assumed that because of its name, the Eco-Plus BodyChoice had more high-density, small-cell foam.  The Eco BodyChoice has two-and-a-half inches of padding and the Eco-Basic, like its predecessor the Eco-Plus, has two.

Another major difference between the Eco BodyChoice and Eco-Plus (and now the Eco-Basic) is that the Eco BodyChoice does not come with a face port and plug option like the other two massage tables.  This gives practitioners the ability to position their clients without a headrest if they choose.  Using a face port and plug is really a matter of preference.  Practitioners like the fact that using a face port and plug instead of a headrest saves space.

The Eco-Basic BodyChoice massage table is 28 inches wide and is 72 inches long (with its headrest it measures 82 inches).  It has two inches of high-density, small-cell padding and is covered in Poly Urethane (PU) leather, which is more environmentally friendly, compared to Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).   The massage table is available in two colors:  burgundy and cream and its legs and frame are constructed from beech hardwood in a natural finish.  The massage table weighs in at 27 pounds and can handle 700 pounds of working weight.  It comes with the following free accessories:  an adjustable headrest, a face pillow, a hanging arm shelf (which is slightly different than the Eco-Plus BodyChoice which comes with a reinforced arm sling) and a standard carrying case.

The Eco-Basic BodyChoice, like the Eco BodyChoice, is designed for students and practitioners on a budget.  The Eco-Basic is a strong dependable table whose low-price makes it ideal for those just starting out in the massage business.  It normally retails for $189 but is now on special for just $119.

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