Launches Its Facebook Page, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has recently launched its store page giving it the ability to reach millions of users.

Chicago, IL, November 18, 2011

BestMassage has a new way of reaching current customers as well as potential customers using the world’s premier social networking site, Facebook at joined the site recently and has been posting status updates regarding its new massage table releases, discounts available on its massage supplies, company news, questions for customers, massage industry related articles, and inspirational quotes ever since.

“Joining Facebook is one of the best ways to reach our current customers and new ones on a daily basis,” reveals Peter Wang, Marketing Director of Indeed, recent reports have shown that there are more than 600 million users on Facebook worldwide and almost half of those users login to Facebook on a daily basis. “The ability to reach so many people so quickly and so easily is really awe-inspiring,” says Wang.

“One of the chief reasons we wanted to join Facebook was to engage with our customers and find out what they really think of our products and services as well as get their feedback on issues related to the massage and wellness industry,” said Wang.  “We have been posting questions on out site that are meant to stimulate conversation amongst our fans and give us a look into their minds and lives.” Some of the queries posted on their Facebook page include “Bodyworkers - aside from your massage table, which supplies do you use most often?” and “Massage therapists and massage fans - what makes a massage "good" for you? The environment? The table/equipment? We want to hear your thoughts!”

Another enticing reason to join Facebook is the effect it might have on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ratings although no SEO experts has confirmed that the more posts, fans, likes, comments and other activity a company has on its Facebook page, the higher its SEO ratings.  “It is important to maintain high SEO ratings when you work in a competitive industry like selling massage tables and massage products. You want to make sure you are on top of the list when customers search for you online,” asserts Wang.

Additionally, Facebook allows a company to track its fans’ genders, ages and locations through use of Facebook analytics. “Being able to see who the fans are is a huge asset for us and knowing this information will allow us to tailor our company to better suit our customers,” says Wang.

According to Peter Wang, “We are truly thrilled to be part of Facebook. We are always looking for new ways to engage with our customers and find out what is really important to them. We plan to update our status on a daily basis so customers can get in on special deals as well as get abreast of the latest news in the massage industry. Our next online project is to start a presence on!”

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