BestMassage Make Changes to Its Massage Stone Inventory

BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, is introducing three new collections of its Naturally Shaped Massage Stones sets and discontinuing two of its older sets.

Chicago, IL, September 19, 2013

BestMassage is revamping its line of massage stones this month with the introduction the 40-, 59-, and 71-piece Naturally Shaped Massage Stones Sets. These will replace the soon-to-be discontinued 38- and 66-piece Naturally Shaped Massage Stone Sets. According to Peter Wang, Marketing Director for BestMassage, the new sets will contain a better and wider selection of massage stones for little or no cost to the customer.

“These new sets are a better value for our customers. We feel the customer will appreciate the increase in selection and variety of massage stones without the raise in price,” said Wang.

The Naturally Shaped Massage Stones are made of Peruvian basalt. Basalt is a volcanic rock that contains healing elements like oxygen and magnesium. It also is rich in iron and silica which allow it to retain heat very well. Peruvian basalt is believed to be best in the world because it contains the highest amount of minerals and preserves heat the most effectively.

Each stone of the Naturally Shaped Massage Stone collection has been hand-selected for its size and shape to correspond with various parts of the body for hot massage stone therapy. Massage stones can be used as an extension of the therapists’ hands during massage or simply placed on various parts of the body to administer therapeutic heat. The heat from the stones relaxes the clients’ muscles allowing the therapist to penetrate problem areas more deeply and effectively. The overall effect of a hot stone massage is increased circulation, improved blood flow, and reduction of toxins in the body.

The 40-Piece Basic Therapy Set contains the following stones: 8 Small Working Stones, 8 Medium Working Stones, 8 Large Back/Thigh Stones, 8 Facial Stones, and 8 Toe Stones. The 59-Piece Premium Therapy Set includes all the stones from the Basic Therapy Set plus 4 additional Medium Working Stones, 4 additional Large Back/Thigh Stones, 2 Palm/Gluteal Stones, and 1 Sacral/Belly Stone. The 71-Piece Ultra Therapy Set encompasses all the stones from the Premium Therapy Set plus 6 Finger Stones, 2 Foot Stones, 2 Palm/Gluteal Stones, 1 Pillow/Neck Stone, 1 Contour Stone, and 2 Trigger Point Stones. The Basic, Premium, and Ultra Therapy Sets are $59, $69, and $99, respectively.

BestMassage also offers handsome sustainable bamboo boxes to store the massage stones. These boxes come in small, medium and large sizes and cost $20 each. These boxes keep massage stones safe from breakage and free of dust and pollutants. To warm the massage stones, BestMassage has both a Hot Stone Warmer, which uses hot water to generate heat, and the BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer which is an insulated bag that uses an electrical outlet at home or a car lighter adapter to heat the stones. The Hot Stone Warmer is priced at $49 for the standard version and $69 for the deluxe version. The BodyChoice Portable Stone Warmer retails for $139.

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