BestMassage Makes Improvements to the EvoFlex Deluxe

BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has improved the EvoFlex Deluxe PowerLift with the addition of a thicker stabilization cord and a Velcro strengthening panel.

Chicago, IL, May 13, 2013

BestMassage has made some improvements to its latest electric massage table innovation, the EvoFlex Deluxe PowerLift. The EvoFlex Deluxe consists of a motorized base and a portable massage table with a shiatsu release. The portable massage table can be used on its own, or, by attaching it to the motorized EvoFlex base, it can be transformed into an electric lift massage table. The EvoFlex Deluxe offers customers the elegance and efficiency of an electric lift massage table and the convenience of a portable massage table without the hefty cost of purchasing both separately.

The EvoFlex Deluxe’s portable massage table has a shiatsu release function which means the cables underneath the massage table can easily be removed so the massage table’s legs tuck underneath and the massage table is able lie flat. Once the massage table is lying flat, it is placed atop the EvoFlex between the EvoFlex’s adjustment slats and held securely into place with a series of knobs located on the adjustment slats. To keep the portable massage table from rising up in the middle, a stabilization cord, located on one side of the EvoFlex base, is threaded across the center hinge crease of the portable massage table. With the new improvements, this stabilization cord is now thicker and more durable than the first edition EvoFlex, and is better able to hold the portable massage table in place.

A Velcro strengthening panel has also been added to the newest edition of the EvoFlex Deluxe. This panel is located on the underside of the EvoFlex Deluxe’s portable massage table, near its center hinge crease, and is designed to wrap over the center adjustment slat on the bottom of the EvoFlex base. The Velcro panel not only helps the portable massage table attach more firmly to the EvoFlex base, it also keeps the portable massage table’s center hinge from rising up. It is important to note that while most separately purchased portable massage tables can attach securely to the EvoFlex base, only the portable massage table that is included in the EvoFlex Deluxe has the Velcro strengthening panel.

Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage, said that the improvements to the EvoFlex Deluxe were implemented mainly because of comments and suggestions from customers.

“We take customer feedback very seriously, she said. “We saw an opportunity to improve one of our favorite products and we did so in a cost-effective manner.”

The EvoFlex Deluxe PowerLift is on sale for $789 until June 18, 2013, at

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