BestMassage Now Carrying Two Auth Method Educational DVDs, the international massage table and massage supplies warehouse has added two new DVDs to its collection of educational DVDs: Auth Method: A Guide to Using Forearms and Forearm Massage:  A Guide to the Side Lying Position.

Chicago, IL, August 10, 2012

BestMassage adds to its educational DVD collection with two new selections, both created by Shari Auth, the founder of the Auth Method of Therapeutic Massage.  These educational DVDs focus on using the forearms instead of the hands as a primary tool when performing massage.  Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage, says that she chose to carry the Auth Method DVDs to add variety to the BestMassage Educational DVD inventory.  “We always strive to give our customers an assortment of options when they purchase items from BestMassage be it a massage table, massage supplies, on in this case an educational massage DVD,” she says.  “I personally like the Auth Method series.  I feel there are many benefits to performing massage using the forearms.  I am excited to promote this.”

There are several claims of the benefits of using the forearms as massage tools.  First, using your forearms saves your hands from overuse and injury.  The hand and wrists have joints that are more fragile and can be hurt more easily over time with repeated use.  Hands can rest when the forearms are doing all the work.  Secondly, forearm massage provides practitioners with more leverage when performing their techniques.  The arms can penetrate deeper and more intensely than palms, fingers and thumbs.   Finally, the forearms can massage a larger surface area at one time versus hands.  This reduces the time and effort needed to perform massage.

Shari Auth is the creator of the Auth Method and these two educational DVDs.  She practices acupuncture, massage therapy, structural integration, and Chinese herbology in New York City.  Her methods are described as truly holistic as she treats the entire person using the above modalities.  She created the Auth Method of Forearm Massage out of necessity.  When studying to become a massage therapist she soon realized that she wouldn’t have a very long career if she were to continue administering massage in the traditional manner—solely using her hands.  She needed a method that was less taxing and more efficient.  From that the Auth Method of Forearm Massage was born.

BestMassage currently carries the Auth Method: A Guide to Using Forearms DVD which focuses on the fundamentals of forearm massage and the Forearm Massage:  A Guide to Side Lying Position DVD which teaches the benefits of using forearm massage while a client is lying on her side.  Both DVDs retail for $36.95 and can be found in the Books, DVDs Music, CE Courses section of

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