BestMassage Now Online in Spain, the international massage table and supplies warehouse has become a little more “international” recently., BestMassage’s Spanish website, is now online allowing Spanish bodyworkers and massage therapists to easily purchase items from the low-price massage table leader. This is just one of the latest international site launches for BestMassage. It currently has a site for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Netherlands, and Italy. It also has a presence in Canada and Mexico. 

Chicago, IL, August 20, 2012 –

“Being a truly global low-price leader in massage tables and massage supplies has been our goal since day one,” reveals Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage.  “We started here in the United States, and then went to Germany. The rest is history. We will continue to create a presence in more countries as opportunities arise.  Poland and Portugal are now in the works and we are considering launching sites in Turkey, Russia, France and Brazil next.  It’s all very exciting!”

What goes into a site launch in a foreign country? A lot, according to Peter Wang, Marketing Director for BestMassage. He and the BestMassage marketing team are responsible for a large part of an international site launch. “It’s all very intense when we launch a site in a foreign country. We work closely with foreign web designers and technicians which can be fun, if not very interesting,” he said. “Dealing with the time difference between the United States and countries in Europe is probably the hardest thing we deal with when doing an international site launch. There have been many times I’ve been working through the night with our international team to get a site working.  It’s challenging, but also very enjoyable and rewarding.”

The massage tables and massage supplies offerings are, for the most part, uniform across the sites.  There are some differences, however.  BestMassage has a warehouse in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Germany. Each warehouse carries slightly different merchandise than the others, but it is not a huge amount. According to Wang, only 20 percent of the product offerings are different.  The warehouse in Germany will ship massage tables and massage supplies to Spain.

According to Wang, a site launch for a foreign country usually takes about four months. “The Spain site went pretty smoothly,” he said. Horacio Padilla, Marketing Coordinator for BestMassage, who is fluent in Spanish, did the translation for the site. "We are grateful we have Horacio onboard. He was a huge help in this site launch.”

You can see BestMassage’s Spanish website now by going on 

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