Offers Massage Tools and Massage Tool Set Packages, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has released nine new massage tools and three new massage tool set packages.

Chicago, IL, October 14, 2011 has augmented its collection of massage tools with nine new products: the Caterpillar Mini, the Magnet Head Trip, the Relax Hammer, the Handy Brush, the Palm Urchin, the Therapist’s Thumb, Glow Fingers, the Thumbsaver, and the Massage Roller. “We were looking to add some new products for the professional massage therapist as well as those individuals who like to practice massage on themselves or others at home,” reveals Amona Buechler, owner of “Our new massage tools are designed to prevent injuries to therapists’ hands while allowing them to administer a deeper massage to their clients. Our massage tool set packages, which are of offered at very low prices, are perfect for first-time users and those who like to have fun experimenting with different massage sensations at home.”

Indeed, the Therapist’s Thumb, Thumbsaver and Glow Fingers are specially designed to alleviate stress therapists typically put on their thumbs and rest of their bodies when giving a session, especially a deep tissue massage. The Palm Urchin, a four-pronged plastic tool, and the wooden cylindrical-shaped Massage Roller are configured to massage the paraspinal muscles along the back, but are touted to have other uses as well like being effective for trigger point therapy. The Handy Brush, a bright, round, plastic brush with short nubs, and the Caterpillar Mini, a paint-roller-shaped tool with a nubby roller, can be used in a professional setting, but are suggested to be appropriate for home use as well as they promise to diminish cellulite and improve circulation. The Relax Hammer is created to administer tapotement, a rhythmic, hacking, slapping procedure which is supposed to relax the muscles. Finally, the Magnetic Headtrip, which resembles a large spider, can be used to administer a scalp massage with the benefit of magnet therapy from the magnetic tips on each of its prongs.’s new line of tools are available online now from prices ranging from $6.90 to $14.95. also offers three massage tool set package deals: The Therapeutic, the Healing and the Restorative Massage Tool Sets.These three package deals offer a different assortment of the nine tools for an overall lower price than buying each tool individually. “We are excited about our new massage tools and massage tool set packages. They are functional and fun,” said Buechler. “I know our staff likes them too,” she added with a grin.

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