BestMassage Offers New All Natural Detergents

BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, is now carrying an all-natural enzymatic pre-wash and laundry detergent specially engineered to eliminate oil stained massage table sheets and towels.

Chicago, IL, May 20th, 2014  –

BestMassage is excited to announce that it is now offering a new enzymatic pre-wash and detergent to naturally and effectively prevent oil stained massage table sheets and towels.

For any bodyworker or massage therapist, oil stained sheets and towels can be an everyday occurrence.  Essential oils, massage lotions, and body creams all take their toll on fabric.  While oil stains do not convey a professional or sanitary atmosphere, using commercial grade detergents can be harsh, toxic, and bad for the environment (and your laundry).  It’s not sustainable or economical to constantly replace sheets and towels, and who really has the time or energy to always scrub out the incessant and tough-to-remove stains?

BestMassage has taken the guesswork out of laundering oil stained articles and developed an ultra-concentrated pre-wash and detergent to gently but effectively prevent oil stains from setting and remove them altogether.

According to Peter Wang, Marketing Director for BestMassage, “To continue our commitment to being the one stop shop for bodyworkers, we are always seeking new massage tools to anticipate our customers’ needs.  Amongst our massage products, we wanted to expand our offerings to include environmentally friendly cleansers specifically formulated to launder oil stained sheets and towels for massage therapists.  There are a lot of detergents on the market that work but are toxic.  We wanted to offer an alternative that was all natural AND effective.”

Both biodegradable and unscented, the BodyChoice Pre-Wash Treatment, available in 32 oz. size, and the BodyChoice Oil Lifting Detergent, available in 1 gallon size, use natural enzymes to eliminate oil and other residue.  Enzymes, naturally occurring protein molecules present in all living matter, break apart stain molecules by digesting the organic components like protein and fat.  The BodyChoice Pre-Wash Treatment is sprayed directly on the stain or used as a soak.  And the BodyChoice Oil Lifting Detergent can clean up to 64 loads!  Both are formulated to work together.

Wang adds, “Who wants to be pre-occupied with laundry?  We developed an all-natural pre-wash and detergent that are both powerful stain fighters.  Enzymes are naturally non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and they essentially eat up the oil until it’s gone.  BodyChoice Pre-Wash Treatment and BodyChoice Oil Lifting Detergent are a way to protect your sheet and towel investment and increase the longevity of those items.  You don’t have to sacrifice greenness for potency.  Save energy.  Save time.  Save money.  It’s good for you and the environment.”  

About BestMassage

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