BestMassage Reveals the Feldenkrais BodyChoice Portable Massage Table, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has recently released its latest massage table, the Feldenkrais BodyChoice:  a low, wide table specially designed for the Feldenkrais Method which is now available for purchase on

Chicago, IL, July 13, 2012

After reviewing BestMassage’s inventory of portable massage and bodywork tables, Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage, determined that they needed a new, specialty bodywork table—this time one that was specifically designed for the Feldenkrais Method. “I realized that we had nothing that was truly appropriate for Feldenkrais currently available and a Feldenkrais massage table was rather a unique concept that not a lot of other massage table and massage supplies retailers were offering.” The Feldenkrais Method, a somatic educational system developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, was designed to improve movement through self-awareness---to rid oneself of harmful, habitual, repetitive movements that have developed over time. And Feldenkrais is near and dear to Beuchler’s heart—after studying the method in Italy, she has been a Feldenkrais practitioner for well over a decade now.

The Feldenkrais Method has two parts: Awareness Through Movement—where a student engages in thoughtful movement on his own with the guidance of a practitioner, and Functional Integration—where the practitioner uses her hands to guide the student, who is usually lying on a table, into specific movements. The Feldenkrais table by BodyChoice is used for the Functional Integration portion of the method. The Feldenkrais BodyChoice is able to lower farther than any other table BestMassage offers—16 inches off the ground.  It is also BestMassage’s widest table available—33 inches. According to Buechler, during Functional Integration, a practitioner is usually seated on the ground and needs the client low and to close to her. The practitioner also requires a good deal of width on the table in order to maneuver the client into specific movements and positions. The table also comes with a free 11-inch table extender to provide even more space for the client to move.

The Feldenkrais BodyChoice has 1.5 inches of Firm Foam and .33 inches of Small-Cell Foam which give the table a compact feeling that, according to Buechler, is ideal for optimal sensory feedback in the Feldenkrais method. The table is currently available on for a special price of $279. It regularly retails for $479. The table comes in two different colors of upholstery: majorelle blue and teak, both with a natural-finished beech legs and frame. Other features include a shiatsu cable release, which allows the table to lie flat on the ground, built-in reiki panels, and headrest outlets on both sides. Free accessories include the 11-inch table extender and a free standard carrying case.

“I am happy that we finally have a table dedicated to the Feldenkrais Method,” exclaims Buechler. “It is such an important modality and we hope to attract new customers who had trouble finding a Feldenkrais table elsewhere.” Check out the Feldenkrais BodyChoice table at

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