BestMassage Surpasses 4,000 Fans on Facebook, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has well over 4000 Likes on its Facebook page

Chicago, IL, September 14, 2012 –

BestMassage is becoming more popular on Facebook.  With over 4000 likes, BestMassage has seen a sharp rise in the number of followers in just the last few months.  In fact, the number of Facebook followers has nearly doubled over this past summer—as of the end of May of this year, the number of fans was still at 2000.

What accounted for this large increase in number of fans?  Peter Wang, Marketing Director for BestMassage, says it is due to a different approach he is using to post status updates, comments, articles and pictures on the social networking site.  He says that instead of focusing solely on promoting massage tables and massage supplies from BestMassage on Facebook, he is branching out more by posting links to wellness-related news articles, offering more inspirational quotes and selecting beautiful, holistic, peaceful images for the site.

“We discovered that our customers are more receptive to Facebook posts that are about things they can relate to.  A quote that rings true to most people, or an insightful question we pose is going to get more of a response than us simply bragging about how great our massage tables and massage supplies are,” says Wang.  “Although our massage tables are something to brag about!”  he laughed.

Wang reveals that he enjoys posting questions to BestMassage’s Facebook audience the most.  He says that is how he learns about the customers—what is important to them and how they feel about certain subjects.  Recently he posted the question, “What is your favorite thing about being a massage therapist or bodyworker?”  He said the responses were both informative and beautiful as people revealed their love of helping others and their joy in creating their own hours as therapists.

“It’s so great to see what our customers are thinking and feeling.  It’s also wonderful that our massage tables and massage supplies are making a difference in their lives.  Facebook is such a wonderful tool.  We are grateful it is available to us,” he says.

Wang says that BestMassage will continue to promote its Facebook presence by reminding all its customers to like its page when they buy a massage table or massage supplies.  The reminder will be attached to the purchase confirmation all customers receive when they make an online purchase from

“We look forward to many more likes,” says Wang.  “Hopefully we’ll see 2000 more before the end of the holiday season.”

About BestMassage

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