BestMassage Unveils New Point-of-Sale System

BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has integrated a new point of sale system to better serve customers.

Chicago, IL, December 23, 2013

BestMassage is happy to announce that it has upgraded its point-of-sale (POS) system which will now perfectly synchronize the activities in the physical massage warehouse and online massage boutique.  This POS offers many new advantages for BestMassage’s customers.  From a quick find search for massage products and on-the-fly discounts to immediately knowing if a massage table is in stock and rapidly creating a new massage tool order, this POS will improve customers’ experiences.

Since the new POS will deploy only one system for both online and offline massage table and massage product sale, all massage warehouse stock information will be in one inventory system, allowing customers to know exactly what massage supplies are available in real time.

Making it easier and faster for customers to find exactly which massage equipment they seek, the new POS is more efficient, comprising of an intuitive user interface with a barcode scan option and quick search function by part of name or massage product ID.

For customers’ convenience, the new POS includes a credit card swipe function to process orders, providing a quick checkout, saving even more time and money.  

The new POS is more efficient, and with these improvements, BestMassage can pass on additional savings to its customers.

Peter Wang, Marketing Director for BestMassage, explains how using the new system will benefit their clients.  “We believe that the ‘point of sale’ is really the ‘point of service’.  We reviewed many POS products and chose to upgrade specifically for its functionality, easy implementation and efficiency.  This new system will help us save time and money, which we are glad to use to even better serve our ever expanding customer base.”  

Wang says the new POS will not change the way BestMassage does business, only make it more streamlined and integrated, and ultimately, accurate, secure and easy to use.

About BestMassage

BestMassage is proud to be a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited organization with a BBB Rating of A+. Having over 14 years of experience and knowledge behind us, we are committed to offering massage therapists and those who care about health and well-being a complete line of high-quality massage supplies and products at the best prices possible with exceptional, friendly service, and fast shipment. Detailed information on the company can be obtained by visiting