Releases the New BodyChoice Comfort Cushion System, the international massage tables and supplies warehouse, has released the new BodyChoice Comfort Cushion System on the heels of several other product debuts this year.

Chicago, IL, September 3rd, 2011 – has released its new BodyChoice Comfort Cushion System last month. The BodyChoice Comfort Cushion System is a body positioner that can be used in multiple ways in a variety of settings. Its design allows clients to lie face up, face down, on their sides, or seated while receiving therapy. Having a client switch from one position to another without coming off the massage table is also possible. “What we were going for when creating the Comfort Cushion System is a way for clients to be more comfortable when lying on a standard massage table.” said Amona Buechler, owner of  

The BodyChoice Comfort Cushion System claims to be more comfortable than a standard flat massage table because it supports key points on a client’s body which in turn alleviates stress from other parts of the body. In addition, this positioning of the client’s body reportedly allows a massage therapist or other practitioners to more easily access soft tissue and other trigger points on the body. also claims that the Comfort Cushion System can be used in the early stages of pregnancy. According to Buechler, “The unique recesses in the Chest and Pelvic supports actually cradle the pregnant belly while no pressure or strain is put on the fetus when the mother lies on her stomach.”

The BodyChoice Comfort Cushion System comes equipped with four supports: The Adjustable Headrest (with Removable Face Pillow), the Chest Support, the Pelvic Support and the Split Leg Support. The Pelvic Support attaches and detaches to the Chest Support with Velcro strips while the Adjustable Headrest inserts and pulls out of the outlet in the Chest Support. The pieces of the Split Leg Support attach and detach from each other with Velcro strips as well.

“I really felt a difference,” asserted Maggie Colston, stay-at-home mother and freelancer, when she tried out the Comfort Cushion which was laid atop a flat massage table. “Sometimes, when I am lying on my stomach on a standard massage table, I feel pressure in my lower back. With the Comfort Cushion, I don’t feel any strain or pain.” Indeed, when a client lies face down on the Comfort Cushion System, the client is supported by her clavicles, sternum, ribs and pelvic bones. claims this positioning reduces stress from the lower back. is currently offering the BodyChoice Comfort Cushion at a reduced price of $99. According to Buechler, “We are proud to be able to offer this high-quality product for hundreds less than other similar products currently on the market. We are sure our customers will enjoy its affordability and their clients will enjoy its comfort.  Maggie Colston jokingly asked while lying on her side with the Cushion “Can I take a nap now?” 

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