Introduces ‘Steamywonder,’ An Innovative Spa Product has added an exciting new product to its catalog of massage tables and supplies. The ‘Steamywonder’ allows bodyworkers to offer exclusive steam treatments to their clients.

Chicago, IL, July 22, 2010 - In its continuing efforts to provide valuable products, BestMassage will be adding an exciting new innovation to its range. The ‘Steamywonder’ is the only product of its kind, promising to give bodyworkers, therapists, and spa owners a boost to the treatments they can offer with steam.

Steam treatments have been used for centuries in many cultures. They are good for relaxation, blood circulation, and to eliminate toxins, and for bodyworkers one of the most useful aspects is that they require very little work! The patient is left to relax, allowing the steam process to work on the body.

Until now, spa owners had to build a sauna or steam room facility on their property, investing large amounts of capital. It simply has been out of reach for independent, small-business and traveling bodyworkers.

The Steamywonder, however, promises to change that. The device fits neatly over the massage table while a fan blows into it, creating a cushion of warm, steamy air around the patient, resulting in the therapeutic benefits of a steam treatment. In practice, this means a therapist can now offer an expanded range of treatments to their practice, without having to change a thing in their usual work area.

As Peter Wang, BestMassage’s Marketing Director, states, "If the client can't go to the sauna, the sauna can now go to the client!" In fact, he is spot-on because the Steamywonder gives an added dimension to therapists who travel. Now, the bodyworker who goes to clients can, literally, bring steam therapy with them.

The fact that this brand-new innovative spa product is now available ‘at the click of a mouse’ is an example of BestMassage’s continued commitment to its valued customers, by providing the best spa products and accesssories at the best prices - and that goes for their whole range of massage supplies!

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