BestMassage Store Changes Name Of Two PowerLift Electric Massage Tables, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, is implementing a name change for two of its popular PowerLift massage tables.

Chicago, IL, May 11, 2012--

Confusion surrounding the names of two PowerLift electric massage tables sold in the United States lead to a name change for both. The formerly named Cozy Liftback PowerLift electric massage table is now called the Spa Liftback PowerLift and the Cozy Spa Liftback PowerLift electric massage table will now be known as the Spa Versatile PowerLift. The word “Cozy” has been dropped from the names of the US electric massage tables because it caused confusion with the Cozy line of PowerLift tables already being sold in Canada.

“We realized that the names of the US tables sounded too similar to the ones in Canada and we needed a change,” revealed Peter Wang, Marketing Director for BestMassage. Since Canada had been selling the Cozy line (which includes the Cozy Flat PowerLift, the Cozy Deluxe PowerLift, and the Cozy Liftback PowerLift tables) for months now, Wang decided to make the change with US tables. “The US tables are indeed different from the Canadian ones, so their names had to reflect that,” said Wang.

The newly named Spa Liftback PowerLift and Spa Versatile PowerLift both feature an electric motor which raises and lowers the massage tables by pressing on a pedal. The Spa Versalite PowerLift also showcases a manually adjustable head and leg section plus removable armrests. 

“We are proud to be an international company and we strive to have things as consistent as possible over all the locations. We have to ensure that our customers always know what they are getting when they order from us—whether they are ordering from Canada, the United States, Europe or Mexico,” said Wang.

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