New Checkout Design on BestMassage Makes Shopping Easier, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has implemented a new design for its checkout page that contains all checkout fields on one page making customers’ checkout experience more seamless.

Chicago, IL, March 22, 2012

Instead of relying on a customer to click a “Continue” button to get from one checkout screen to the next, BestMassage decided to reconstruct its point-of-sale design so that all checkout fields were visible at one time on one screen. The new checkout layout was implemented on March 17th, 2012, according to BestMassage Marketing Director, Peter Wang. Wang asserted that the decision to change the massage table retailer’s existing checkout page was to create a better, more convenient shopping experience for its customer as well as reduce “abandoned shopping cart syndrome”—when customers fail to complete a transaction with merchandise still in their virtual carts.

“We understand that the checkout experience on some online shopping sites can be confusing for customers,” reveals Wang. He goes on to say that customers feel vulnerable at the time of purchasing massage products; they are wondering if the information they input is being processed correctly. Confusion can lead to customers giving up on the checkout process and simply abandoning their carts. “There are also times when customers are required to click a ‘Next’ or ‘Continue’ button to go to various screens in the checkout process when purchasing an online item. The more times a customer is required to click the ‘Continue’ button the more of a chance there is that something can go wrong with the purchase,” says Wang. 

The new checkout has all fields –Billing Address, Shipping Address, Shipping Method, Payment Method as well as a Review of Purchase—on one single page. Wang says the customer will be able to see her entire checkout in one screen shot instead of toggling from page to page. “Being able to see your entire purchase on one screen will eliminate input mistakes as well as uncertainty of inputted data,” says Wang. “You also don’t have to worry about hitting the ‘Back’ button if you think you made a mistake on a previous screen. As we know, hitting the ‘Back’ button can sometimes erase previously entered data.”

“We always keep the customer in mind when we make changes to our website,” asserts Wang. “We believe this new checkout experience will be welcomed by our customers.”

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