Strengthens BodyChoice Brand

With the advent of an original series of massage tables in 2007. created a new brand titled BodyChoice.  BodyChoice massage tables and massage supplies are exclusive to  “I thought the brand name really encompassed the message that we were trying to send to customers about the quality and superiority of our products.  Amongst other brands, BodyChoice is the first choice in massage tables and massage tools,” says Peter Wang, Marketing Director of BestMassge and creator of the brand name.  

Chicago, IL, June 17, 2011 –

Indeed, the brand has taken off in recent years with several new massage table designs bearing its name.  Now is transitioning its hot and cold therapy line as well as its oils, lotions and creams from their original name, Tao Aromatics, to BodyChoice.  Wang asserts, “We feel that the name transition is important to maintain consistency in our product line.  Customers who have enjoyed BodyChoice massage tables will feel confident in purchasing other products bearing the BodyChoice name.”

Some of the first massage products to switch names to BodyChoice are the Thai Herbal Compress and the Thai Herbal Facial Balls.  These herb-filled products are soaked and heated and are normally used in concert with Thai massage.  The Thai Herbal Compress and Thai Herbal Balls are purported to alleviate muscle, back and joint pain.

Soon, BestMassage’s essential oils, carrier oils, and massage lotions and creams will bear the BodyChoice name.  “We are very excited to build our brand.  We believe this evolution will reinforce our presence in the massage tool and massage supplies marketplace,” says Wang.

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