’s System Upgrade Makes it Easier for Customers to Pay, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has implemented a new computer system upgrade that, amongst other things, allows customers to take advantage of partial authorization when purchasing items from their site.

Chicago, IL, November 1, 2011

Customers can now more easily use their prepaid credit cards when buying massage tables or any massage products from Previously, if a customer wished to buy an item that cost $200, for example, but tried to pay with a prepaid credit card or gift card only worth $100, the processing system on would automatically decline the transaction even if the customer planned to settle the remainder of the cost with another form of payment. Now, with a physical massage warehouse in Chicago has upgraded its system to allow partial authorization which means that it will accept whatever money remains on a customer’s prepaid credit card or gift card and allow that customer to make up the remainder of the balance with another form of payment.

“This is a good thing for us and more importantly, the customer,” asserts Peter Wang, Marketing Director, who also headed up the system upgrade. “Our previous system did not allow partial payment transactions, and now we have remedied that. We want our customers to have seamless experience when they purchase massage supplies and equipment from us.”

Earlier this year, MasterCard and Discover had mandated that all online retailers upgrade their systems to allow partial authorization giving them a date of June 30, 2011 in which to be compliant. Many online retailers had trouble upgrading their systems to allow for partial authorization and subsequently MasterCard and Discover relaxed their mandates and are, as of late, not requiring system upgrades, but highly suggesting them.

“Although the partial authorization is not a requirement any longer, we are still happy that we are able to conform to the suggestions put forth by MasterCard and Discover,” said Peter Wang. “As prepaid credit cards and gift cards become more commonplace, we want to be able to accept them without a problem.”

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