Hot and Cold Therapy

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Need relief from pain or injuries? Looking for a way to deeply relax your clients’ muscles? Check out our extensive line of hot and cold therapy items. Our inventory includes compresses, reusable packs, disposable packs, warmers and more. Save money with our package deals.


  • Thai Herbal Facial Balls

    An Exclusive Herbal Formula Created for BestMassage by Traditional Thai Massage Experts

    Retail Price: $10.99

    Our Price: $6.90
  • Thai Herbal Body Compress Balls

    Available in Three Exclusive Herbal Formulas Created for BestMassage by Traditional Thai Massage Experts

    "Thai Herbal Compress Balls" - Natural - (All Types) $11.85 $6.90
    "Thai Herbal Compress Balls" - Organic - (All Types)
    $13.95 $9.90

    Retail Price: $13.95

    Our Price: $11.85
  • Instant Hot or Cold Compress

    Heat or Cold in an Instant!

    Retail Price: $3.49

    Special Price: $1.99

  • Starter Compress Ball Package

    Contains One Set Each of the Energizing, Rejuvenating, and Relaxing Formula Thai Compress Balls

    Retail Price: $44.85

    Special Price: $19.90
  • Thermophore Classic

    Professional Quality Deep-Heat Therapy Heating Pad – Available in Large and Petite

    Retail Price: $44.90

    Special Price: $39.90

  • Glass Cupping Jars

    Ideal for Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Retail Price: $2.45

    Our Price: $1.90
  • Chinese Compress Balls

    Comprised of Buckwheat and Lavender Wrapped in Clean Cotton

    Retail Price: $14.99

    Our Price: $12.90
  • Acucups Natural Rubber Cupping Therapy Set

    Cupping Therapy--No Heat Needed

    Retail Price: $20.39

    Our Price: $18.90
  • Hot and Cold Therapy Set

    Our Best Hot and Cold Therapy Products at a Great Price

    Retail Price: $37.78

    Special Price: $11.99
  • BodyChoice Cooling Massage Lotion

    Goes on Cool But Then Changes to Provide a Deep, Radiating Warmth That Heals and Soothes

    "Cooling Massage Lotion: Natural - 1 Gallon" $40.90

    Retail Price: $9.90

    Our Price: $8.90
  • Biotone Polar Massage Lotion

    Instant Cooling Relief for Sore Muscles

    Retail Price: $41.75

    Special Price: $29.99

  • Prossage® Heat Massage Oil

    Formulated for Deep Tissue Work, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy

    Retail Price: $13.50

    Our Price: $9.95