Frequesntly Asked Questions

Do I have to be a professional massage therapist to buy your equipment?

A. Most of our customers are professionals but anyone can buy our massage supplies. You do need to be a professional to purchase Biofreeze.

My massage table/chair is BestMassage Brand. Did I get it from you?

A. Most likely this table was purchased on e-Bay or Amazon from a company that is not related to us. For over a decade we have sold massage tables and chairs produced by BodyChoice, Custom Craftworks, Pisces and Master Home Products on The brand BestMassage was put on the market several years later, has been sold by several sellers, and is not related to our company.

Where can I get answers to my product questions?

A. For questions about our products we recommend consulting our Smart Buyer's Guides. Also, feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions. See our Contact Uspage for more information.

What table is best for me?

A. We sell tables for all purposes and types of massage. Of course, personal preference comes into play when choosing a massage table but there are also some basic guidelines to follow. Here (Massage Table Buyer's Guide), are questions we commonly receive with regards to what tables are best for specific massage techniques.

How much weight do your massage tables support?

A. All of our tables support at least 440 pounds of working weight. The static weight (weight evenly distributed across the table) and working weight for each table is listed in the specifications section.

How soon can I get my massage table?

A. Normally we ship via UPS. You should expect it to take 2 to 5 business days, unless we contact you and let you know otherwise. We provide you with a UPS tracking number via e-mail the same day that your package is shipped out. For more information, please visit our Shipping Info Page.

How will my massage table be shipped?

A. Normally we ship via UPS. You should expect it to take 2 to 5 business days, unless we contact you and let you know otherwise. We provide you with a UPS tracking number via e-mail the same day that your package is shipped out. For stationary and electric tables we use various freight carriers. For small items shipped to Yukon and Northwest Territories we often ship with the US Postal Service. For more information, please visit our Shipping Info Page.

Where can I pick up my order?

A. Our only pickup location is in Chicago. For more information on our location, please see the Showroompage.

Do you ship internationally?

A. At the moment ,we can ship within the US only. page.

What will happen if my order is damaged or lost during delivery?

A. If the table is damaged we will first as you to e-mail us a picture of the damage. Based on the picture we will decide the best course of action which usually involves sending a replacement order. If the order is lost we will confirm this with the carrier and then re-ship the order. For more information please see Our Policies page.

Am I allowed to return my order for a refund?

A. For more information on returns please see the Our Policies section of our site.

How can I order my table?

A. You can order any of our products over our secure Web site ( We can also take your order via telephone. Please see our Contact Us page.

Is my credit card information secure?

A. On our website, your credit card information is collected via a secure, encrypted connection, and thus it is never exposed to a third party. Please look at our privacy and security policy on this Web site for more information.

What level of heat does the warming pad provide?

A. The warming pad is designed to create a mild heat (Maximum temperature is 130 F degrees). Intended for activation prior to a massage, allow the pad to generate a warmed table or surface before the session. For a more intense heat and concentrated therapeutic practice, we recommend the Thermophore (Maximum temperature is 160 F degrees).

What accessories do I need?

A. Most of our tables are equipped with all of the accessories needed to start your bodywork practice (e.g. a carrying case, headrest, and pillow for the headrest). We do offer many additional accessories that you will find useful. Some of the most commonly purchased accessories are our sheets and covers. These are essential to keeping a table clean and extending its life. Oils and lotions are another common purchase which most therapists find useful. Many therapists purchase a bolster with their massage table. We also recommend checking the Massage Tools section of our site. These tools will help you expand your repertoire and reduce the physical stress giving massages can have on your body. For more information please see our Accessories Buyer's Guide.

What should I do to keep my massage table in good condition?

A. After you first receive your massage table, it is a good idea to check all screws and knobs to verify that they are still tight. During transit, temperature changes and varying humidity levels may loosen them. Use an Alan key and screw driver to tighten all screws and bolts. This process will take only a couple of minutes.
To help maintain the table's stability in the future, follow this simple maintenance schedule: Every 1 to 6 months (depending on how frequently the table is used), or if you notice any looseness in the table, check and tighten:

  • The 8 knobs for the height adjustment (by hand)
  • The 8 screws on both wooden leg panels (use a screwdriver)
  • All joints of the leg and frame system (use an Allen wrench)

To protect your table's upholstery we recommend you always use massage table sheets. If you use a large amount of oil (such as for Ayurvedic treatments) we recommend using an oil-resistant table cover. Whenever you transport the table is it also important to use a carrying case to protect the table's upholstery.

What should I do if I have a problem with my massage table or massage chair?

A. Please contact us either by phone or via email, and we will determine the best way to resolve the problem. If the problem involves physical damage to a product we may ask you for a picture of the damage. Please see our Contact Us page.

How long have we been in business and do we have any bodywork experience?

A. Please read more on our About Us page.

What is the advantage of the double lock system?

A. Double locks provide more stability for the table -- and thus for clients that feel uneasy on massage tables -- than just one lock. A single-lock table may sway slightly, taking away from your client's ease and relaxation.

What is the patented Auto Lock Frame and Leg System?

A. This system enables you to effortlessly set up your table in 5 to 10 seconds. There is no assembly required, and you can get to work right away.