17 Item(s) Set Descending Direction

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  • Universal Massage Table Cart

    Effortlessly Transport Your Table

    Retail Price: $99.90

    Our Price: $69.90
  • FeatherLite BodyChoice Massage Table

    Free Multi-adjustable Headrest
    Free Face Pillow 
    Free Reinforced Arm Sling 
    Free Deluxe Carrying Case

    Retail Price: $399.00

    Our Price: $309.00
  • Galena BodyChoice Pregnancy Massage Table

    Free Hanging Reinforced Armsling
     Adjustable Headrest
    Free Deluxe Carrying Case
    Free Rounded Cell Foam with Memory Foam Face Pillow
    Features 30" Width & Memory Foam
    Features Shiatsu Release Function Cable
    Features Reiki Panels & Round Corners

    Retail Price: $590.00

    Our Price: $390.00
  • AluLight Deluxe BodyChoice

    Free Adjustable Headrest
    Free Face Pillow
    Free Reinforced Arm Sling
    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Features Adjustable Backrest 
    Features Built-In Face Port and Plug
    Features Rounded Corners
    Features Reiki Panels
    Features Lightweight Design (35 lbs.!)

    Retail Price: $489.00

    Our Price: $389.00
  • Eco-Lite BodyChoice Table Package

    Free Face Pillow
    Free Hanging Arm Shelf
    Free Adjustable Headrest
    Free Poly-Cotton Sheet Set
    Free Standard Round Bolster
    Free Standard Carrying Case
    Features Reiki Panels

    Retail Price: $199.00

    Our Price: $159.90
  • Hand-Shaped Basalt Massage Stones

    Mineral Rich, Therapeutic Basalt Stone Set with Bamboo Box

    Retail Price: $59.90

    Our Price: $49.90
  • Digital Hot Stone Warmer

    Ideal for Hot Stone Massage Therapy or Spa Treatments

    Retail Price: $129.90

    Our Price: $89.90
  • Luxe BodyChoice Chair

    Free Sternum Bolster
    Free Wheeled Carrying Case
    Free Eyeglass and Jewelry Pouch
    Features Face Pillow
    Features Adjustable Seat
    Features Adjustable Arm Rest
    Features Adjustable Headrest

    Retail Price: $299.00

    Our Price: $259.00
  • Vanilla Massage Salt

    Reveal Fresh, Vibrant Skin

    Retail Price: $7.95

    Our Price: $6.90
  • Massage Table Accessory Shelf

    Perfect Spot to Store Accessories and Supplies

    Retail Price: $22.90

    Our Price: $15.90
  • Mango Mandarin Bath Salts

    Luxuriate in a Citrusy Bath

    Retail Price: $8.90

    Our Price: $6.50
  • Hogwash Organic Air Neutralizer

    An All Organic, Biodegradable, Fragrance-Free, Hypoallergenic, Environmentally Safe Air Neutralizer

    Retail Price: $6.90

    Our Price: $4.90
  • Warming Pad - Fleece

    Dimensions: 31" W x 69" L
    No More Cold Massage Tables

    Retail Price: $79.90

    Our Price: $49.90