About BestMassage Store

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BestMassage.com is passionate about health and wellbeing and dedicated to building long lasting relationships with fully satisfied, valued customers like you. With decades of experience and knowledge, we are committed to being the very best in our field and serving happy clients in the United States and around the world. We invite you to explore our extensive product line and see for yourself why we are the leader in the bodywork and massage industry.

Certificate of Good Standing

Whether you’re purchasing a massage table or massage lotion, you can rest assured that when you are doing business with BestMassage.com, you are doing business with a corporation in good standing with the state of Illinois. The Secretary of the State of Illinois, Jesse White, has signed the Certificate of Good Standing for Tao Trading, the domestic parent corporation of BestMassage.com. A Certificate of Good Standing is issued to confirm incorporation and legal authorization of transacting business in the state. This Certificate of Good Standing also affirms that Tao Trading is up-to-date on state fee payments, annual report filing and franchise taxes.
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To learn more about the Certificate of Good Standing, please visit http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com.

Green Company

We are pleased to announce that our office is solar powered! BestMassage.com believes in its responsibility to be environmentally conscious. We are dedicated to integrating green practices in our everyday affairs from reusing printer paper and composting to offering sustainably sourced and organic massage products to our customers. 14 solar panel micro inverters were installed on the roof of our Chicago office to ring in the 2014 New Year, now providing much of our energy needs. Energy will only become more precious, so we are excited to switch to renewable now!

We wish to prioritize the planet and pledge to continue to try to improve the quality of life for our customers, employees and community by considering our impact on the environment. Click HERE for more details regarding our solar panels.

You can also monitor our current energy production by clicking HERE.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide massage products of the highest quality at the best possible prices. Our diverse product range, from massage tables to supplies of all types, is chosen according to the specific needs of the most discerning bodyworkers for the greatest benefit of their important clients. We go to great lengths to source products we believe meet this goal. We provide guarantees wherever possible, and we offer the highest quality service. Our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reflects these cherished values. Our ears are always open to our customers - professionals, part-timers, home practitioners, students and patients - as we strive to continually improve on every level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the massage warehouse of choice for all bodyworkers, whether they are professionals, home practitioners or students. We aim to support their every need, from massage tables to supplies of all kinds, as they grow holistically in their practices. We believe that our focus should be on these therapists, as our customers, and their clients, who benefit from our products. All of our massage warehouse inventory, and the service with which we provide them, reflect this vision.

Our Origins and Approach

TAO Trading was founded in 1999 by Jeffrey Tippman and Amona Buechler in Chicago, USA. Fortuitously, they met the world's largest producer of portable massage tables, realized the tremendous value of those tables, and soon began selling massage tables, massage chairs and other products. Since then, they have sold several thousand massage tables and chairs worldwide. The foundation of their great success is actually quite simple:

  • low prices
  • constant improvement of quality
  • excellent customer service
Our Philosophy

The friendly folks here at TAO Trading don't just sell massage tables. We think of our work as developing and supporting a better lifestyle for ourselves, for the bodyworkers who trust us and for their clients who benefit from our products. We seek out products that contribute more harmony, wellbeing and beauty to our everyday lives.

We are also committed to integrating green practices, from offering sustainably sourced and organic massage products to the recent addition of solar panels on our roof, producing energy for our office. In the future, we will continue to apply our philosophy to improving our product offerings and helping bodyworkers all over the world.