Massage Stones

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Massage stones are a wonderful asset you can easily add to your massage therapy services. Clients absolutely love them! In our Massage Stones category we offer high quality basalt stones for hot stone massage and superior marble stones for cold stone massage. We even include massage stone warmers and handsome bamboo storage boxes.

  • Peruvian Naturally Shaped Massage Stones

    Made of Peruvian Basalt --Considered the Best for Hot Stone Massage Therapy Because it Retains Heat Better Than Any Other Stone in the World.

    Retail Price: $89.00

    Our Price: $59.00
  • 40-Piece Hand-Shaped Basalt Massage Stones

    Mineral Rich, Therapeutic Basalt Stone Set with Bamboo Box

    Retail Price: $124.00

    Our Price: $79.00
  • Digital Hot Stone Warmer

    Ideal for Hot Stone Massage Therapy or Spa Treatments

    Retail Price: $89.00

    Our Price: $64.90
  • Cold Massage Stones

    A Stunning 19-Piece Marble Set

    Retail Price: $149.00

    Special Price: $85.00

  • Bamboo Boxes

     Safely Store Massage Stones in This Handsome Box

    Retail Price: $25.00

    Our Price: $15.90
  • Healing Stone Massage DVD Set

    Learn everything you need to begin and continue your hot stone massage journey.

    Retail Price: $49.95

    Our Price: $49.49