Shipping and Handling Info

Continental U.S.

Shipping of orders within the continental United States is done via UPS Ground.
The map below shows the approximate shipping time from our location to any destination in the continental U.S. It varies from 1 to 5 days.

For more exact shipping time estimates, you can use the delivery time calculator at the UPS website.
(You will need to provide our zip code: it is 60626.)

$39.00 for any single portable massage table or massage chair.
$219.00 for any single stationary massage table.
$319.00 for any single electric powerlift table.
$3.00 for any single Book.
$4.50 for any single CD or DVD
$9.90 for any one or two Small Accessories. For three or more Small Accessories add $1.50 per item.
$9.90 for any one or two Large Accessories. For three or more Large Accessories add $4.95 per item.
$9.90 per unit for Massage Rolling Stools, Small (5-7 lb) Solay Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps.
$14.90 per unit for Towel and Stone Warmers, Comfort Stools, Ergo Stools, (9-13 lb) Solay Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps, Nail Studio Set, the Sophie Prone Professional Pregnancy Pillows, The Deluxe Wheeled Carry Carts and Massage Stones.
$19.90 per unit for the Stone Package Deals, and Large (16-20 lb) Solay Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps.

Shipping and Handling charges for Massage oils, lotions, creams and Gels:

8-ounce and 16-ounce units and all essential oils are a flat fee of $9.90 for any quantity.

32-ounce and 64-ounce units are $9.90 for any one item, for two or more, add $4.95 per item.

For Massage oils, lotions, creams, and gels ordered in gallon units, the following rates apply:

1-9:             $9.90 per gallon 

10-29:         $6.90 per gallon

30-54:         $4.90 per gallon

55 or more:  $2.90 per gallon

For larger orders, please contact us.

Canada and Non-Continental U.S.

All Customers from Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska are supposed to contact the office about the shipping cost for these destinations.

Non-Continental U.S.

Shipping to destinations in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico is done via UPS. Delivery time is normally 3-5 business days after we receive payment. For information on shipping and handling charges, please contact us via email or telephone, and provide us with your zip code.

Please visit our Canadian store directly at


For orders within the EU and Switzerland, please visit
Our international Web site offers reasonable rates and fast shipping to most countries in the world.

The World

We have reasonable rates and fast shipping to other countries in the world.
Please see our international website,, or contact us and ask!